My favourite pregnancy picture, nine days before I gave birth.

Tomorrow, Alexandra is 37 weeks and six days old. What’s the significance in that, you ask? (Well I hope you’re asking because I’m about to tell you so it would be a bit awkward if you didn’t want to know.) Well, I was pregnant for 37 weeks and six days so that means in a few hours she’ll have been in the world for as long as she was cooking for.

I mean technically that doesn’t work out right because you’re not actually pregnant for the first couple of weeks and because she was early the whole phrase I could have used of ‘nine months in, nine months out’ doesn’t apply – she’s not nine months til the 29th. But still, it’s quite weird to think about it.

In all the time I was carrying her, her little body was forming: her fingers, her toes (even the adorable one that bends behind the others, her organs, her skin, that perfect haircut she was born with! And yet really, despite all that growing she was a blank canvas at birth. It’s only in the last 37 weeks and five days that she’s developed a little personality (very nosey, smiley, boisterous around other babies (yeah she’s a bully!), loves her daddy). She’s learned to roll over, sit up, eat, laugh, make a variety of wonderful noises and so many other things in between.

It’s crazy to think back to my pregnancy, from that first day back in January 2015 when we found out Alex existed, through the extreme first trimester tiredness (poor Dylan sat on his own night after night while I slept from early evening til morning), the barfing, the first signs of a bump. Then it was an expectation things would be amazing in the second trimester (they weren’t!), finding out she was a girl, going off to Thailand six months gone! Then the final few weeks of waddling like a duck, having a persistent headache and then going into the hospital one morning to have my blood pressure checked and ending up having my newborn baby handed to me the following day.

Despite pregnancy seeming like the – longest – thing – ever while it was happening, it definitely feels like she’s been here with us for a lot longer than I was expecting her for. I can’t even imagine what life will be like and what she’ll be up to after another 37 weeks and six days have passed!

Harriet and Alexandra x

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