About Me

I can only describe my look here as 'relief'!


Born: 4th July 1990

Baby 1: 29th August 2015

Married: 24th September 2016

Baby 2: 26th March 2017

In a previous life, I was a journalist running a mental health charitable organisation, chasing stories, living in Worcestershire and talking to a press officer named Dylan on the regular.

Fast forward a few years and Dylan (now my husband) and I live in Shropshire with our two under two – a toddler girl and a baby boy. I’m a PR freelancer and I write here twice a week about all things parenting – whether it’s the regularities of toddler tantrums, routines and weaning or our incredible story of picking ourselves back up after twice experiencing life-threatening illnesses (once me, once baby 2).

“Storms make trees take deeper roots.”

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