Antenatal Classes Part 2


A couple of weeks ago I wrote about starting our NCT antenatal classes and how they were going (available here) – we’ve now finished them so I thought it was about time for an update.

Our fourth session looked at the possibility of having to have a caesarean section and what this would entail. Although I know people who’ve had them and I thought I had a pretty good idea what went on in the operating theatre, I’d never really thought about what happened between ‘you need a c-section’ and actually getting the baby out – the whole process of prepping mom (and birth partner) for the operation. We did this through a role play which, despite descending a little bit into farce at times!, was actually really helpful and brought the whole thing to life. It also illustrated just how many people might be in theatre with you to help you through the process so I think I’d be a bit less overwhelmed if I was in that situation to find there was a whole crowd around me!

The fifth session was a women’s only one so we descended on course leader Bridget’s house for coffee, cake and a chat about life with a newborn. We got two meet two new moms who’d been on a previous course and they brought along their adorable sons to talk about their experiences of labour, breastfeeding and adjusting to the big changes in their lives. We also got the chance to have more of an in-depth chat about how we were feeling ahead of the birth.

Lastly, we met up again joined by the husbands/partners to focus on some of the practicalities – just how do you change a nappy, is it safe for the baby to sleep on their front (no!) and how often should you bath them? Once our plastic dolls had been washed and changed it was a whistle-stop tour through how the very early days can have an impact on the child’s life for a long time going forward. Essentially the gist of it was if you can lay down good foundations by spending a lot of time interacting with your child, nurturing them and teaching them positive things from a very early age then you’re more likely to come to the end of the ‘growing up’ process with a happy and healthy son or daughter.

The only official part of the course left to go now is the meet up once the babies are all born – ours happens to fall on Halloween so I’m sure that’ll be a lot of fun and involve a cute costume or two! But in between we’re all planning on keeping in touch with I think is one of the main benefits of the NCT course – not only have Dylan and I learned a lot but we’ve also met some lovely people and it feels like baby has a ready-made set of friends before even making her arrival!

To conclude, I would hugely recommend the course, it’s really good value for money and especially if you get a great facilitator like we did you can learn lots and meet people in the same situation as you!

Harriet and bump x

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