Baby 2: 21 Months Old

Okay so he’s nearer to 22 months (and achingly close to being a two-year-old), but better late than never eh?

Max is still full of the boundless energy that most people can only dream of – perhaps that’s what has happened to the energy I seem to have misplaced sometime around 2015, it was accidentally implanted into my baby instead? Don’t get me wrong, he does have the occasional time during the day (usually around 4pm) when he has a little crash and likes to sit and cuddle. But 90 per cent of the time he’s tearing round like he’s just heard it’s the end of the world. He gets lots of ‘oh typical boy’ remarks, but I’m not sure it’s his gender – I think he’s just crazily energetic. He makes most boys I’ve met look horizontal!

He’s been going to football sessions since September and is loving them, he spends the entire time in the car on the way there shouting football (but pronounced ‘BUTTBALL’), goal and kick. He also absolutely loves the man who leads the sessions, especially when the stickers come out at the end. The challenge is getting him to sit still during the explanation bits, my child does not like being told he can’t run around, even if it’s only for two minutes at a time.

My favourite thing is when he hears music – he absolutely loves dancing. Alexandra wasn’t really into music until quite recently but since he’s been able to move Max has always really reacted to a beat. He does dance like he’s off his face drunk at a party – in fact he does most things like he’s had a few gins on his Cheerios in the morning, but you’ve got to love a miniature version of an old drunk guy eh?

He’s a demon for slapping, throwing (both objects and himself around!) and all of the other testing behaviours that every toddler tries out. But he’s also hugely affectionate and loves to give cuddles, kisses and hold hands. When he’s not pulling her hair, he thinks Alexandra is the best thing ever. He nearly cried the other day because I put him in the car and he must have thought Alex wasn’t coming with us, he was shouting ‘Ali, Ali, Ali’ at the top of his voice looking distraught until she got in the car too.

I never stop marvelling at our little miracle boy. Two years ago, we had no idea what would be the outcome of the pregnancy. We were just trying to take it a week at a time (or even just a day at a time). We should have known from the grit, determination and strength he showed from his first day in this world that he was going to be a little character!

Harriet, Alexandra and Max x

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