Baby You Can Drive My Car


Disclaimer: this post is not about letting a baby drive a car. Sorry to disappoint.

I hate driving. Like, really hate it. If you told me I’d got to drive later on I’d probably spend the time between now and then chucking up. I passed my test when I was 18 (I promise this post will eventually relate to the baby!) only because I felt my career could be damaged if I didn’t have a full licence. For six months after I occasionally had use of a car but since then I’ve never driven. It truly didn’t bother me, where I lived previously had a good bus system and I used to just walk everywhere – to work, to the shops, to the gym (yeah I used to go to the gym, try not to laugh too hard).

Now I live in a place where every single fun thing to do seems to be out of town in some remote part of the world that the bus company hasn’t heard of. Now I have a child, a car seat or pram, a huge changing bag and various other bits and bobs to transport with me wherever I go. Now I am massively lazy (no gym for me in a while!) and sometimes don’t want to walk places.

I really didn’t realise the impact of not having a car until I moved and then had Alexandra. I didn’t realise how lonely it could be living miles away from most your friends and family. I see my mommy friends going to fun stuff and I can’t commit to them because it would involve hella expensive taxis or expecting people to give me lifts all the time which just isn’t fair. And you know what, sometimes I’d like to go off and do things! Like get back to my hometown or my old town without two trains, fighting off other commuters to get a space and an hour-long walk to the train station. At the risk of sounding like I’m obsessed with the gym by mentioning it three times in one post, I would like to consider going back. But the logistics of getting there and back just wouldn’t work – Dylan’s brilliant about taking me places but it just won’t fit round having a baby who needs to go to bed.

So I’ve done something I never thought I’d do and applied to the DVLA to check they’ll still let me drive and I’m not excluded from the party on medical grounds. If they let me keep my licence I’ll be looking into getting a car. I’m terrified about this but also super happy at the thought of being able to explore with Alexandra.

Harriet and Alexandra x

2 thoughts on “Baby You Can Drive My Car

  1. You go girl, I know you can do this, if nothing medical stops you, you could even have a few refresher lessons with a driving instructor just to get a bit more confidence up or with your lovely hubby Dylan. It would open up your world for you and for Alexandra when Dylan is at work and make your life a lot easier into the bargain if you can get over the initial panic and hatred of driving hun. You have fabulous courage and determination in all things, and going back to driving is just another tick in the box as they say. So very proud of you, and good luck sweet <3 😀 xxxx

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