Bedtime essentials - including this super cute book bought by nanna!

Bedtime essentials – including this super cute book bought by nanna!

 We don’t yet have a bedtime routine sorted each night and I’m getting to the point where I’m unsure whether we need to! I know a lot of people like to have set timings when everything is done but then Alexandra is sleeping through the night and hasn’t woken up for a feed for well over four weeks so I can’t see it’s affecting her too much!

I worry if we start trying to get her into bed really early, firstly it will massively reduce the amount of time she gets to spend with her daddy and secondly she’ll need to wake much earlier for a feed. Currently she has a bottle at around 6pm – 6.30pm which means she’s normally finishing up ready for a cuddle with Dylan when he comes home from work. From there, she might have a little play and then on ideal evenings she’ll be sleeping while we have dinner and get things ready for the next day. She doesn’t have a bath every evening (we take her in the shower if she’s not having a bath but that tends to be in the morning – she loves it!) but I’m trying to ensure she has a book read to her as often as possible.

Alex then has her last feed anywhere between 9pm and 10pm – Dylan does that one – and then tends to be asleep by 11pm. We then get a relatively quiet night, aside from a couple of grumbles if her dummy goes missing, until gone 6am when she wakes for breakfast.

So having said we don’t have a bedtime routine, I guess we kind of do! Do I need to be more rigid though or is being fairly flexible a good thing?

Harriet and Alexandra x

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  1. Hello Harriet and Alexandra, you are an amazing family to have coped with such a difficult experience. Keep enjoying your beautiful daughter and Alexandra long may you bring joy and happiness to your loving Mom and Dad. Best Wishes and Happy Christmas, Yv

  2. Hey Haz! My thoughts on bedtime routines are that you should just do whatever works for the first 3-4 months but establishing some sort of routine which is vaguely like the one you want them to slot into long term is a good idea around now. 4 months is when Ruby’s sleep took a big nosedive and she went from doing 10pm-5am sleep through to waking hourly!! I understand it’s the same for a lot of babies. Of course every baby is different and I do have friends who still ‘go with it’ beyond 12 months. However for us, it became clear that Ruby needed to start to understand the difference between day and night. An early bedtime routine worked for us. You will just know if/when you need to start one. In terms of it affecting sleep, as she gets more mobile you will find she actually does need 12 hours sleep. Ruby does 7pm-7am like clockwork since she’s been walking. Having said all of that I can understand the temptation not to rock the boat if things are going well!
    Lots of love xx

    • I think hopefully after Christmas things will become more settled – Alexandra won’t be going to the childminder so hopefully we will start to have more of a daily routine! The one thing I worry about with trying to get her to bed early is Dylan doesn’t normally get home until half six/seven so I feel like he’d hardly see her if we try to get her to bed super early. I guess it’ll just be a test it and see, it may be we get really lucky and she decides to sleep later in the morning instead of earlier at night (wishful thinking!).
      I also find on nights when she goes to sleep earlier by herself she tends to miss her last feed which I think is fine for one day but worries me when she does it a couple of days on the trot! xxx

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