Being A Good Mom

This is a follow on from a couple of blogs I’ve already written – Being A Sick Mom which you can read if you click here and Being a 20s Mom which you can find here – so you can either read those first or after, or never, up to you!


In the spirit of my little ‘Being A…’ series I’ve been thinking about the qualities of a good mom and really I think whilst it’s entirely subjective and everyone will have a slightly varying idea on the topic, it kind of comes in layers. Your first layer would (and I don’t think many people would disagree with this part) be taking care of your child’s physical needs: their nappy changes, milk, food, washing them etc.

To me, and I’m sure to most people, those are the absolutely basics you need to have covered if you’re thinking about entering yourself into the Not Completely Failing At Being A Mom Awards. But if you’re going for Mom Of The Year, there’s a whole heap of stuff added on to that which you might wanna think about, no?

There’s the educational side of things: teaching your child how to read, recognise colours and shapes, interact, talk proper. There’s the emotional side: being there for them when something goes wrong, helping them through the daily challenges of life, just giving them a big old cuddle when something sucks. Making decisions for them: getting them into a school where they’ll thrive, establishing a good bedtime routine so they’re not overtired the next day, laying down rules which they might not like but which keep them safe, happy and healthy. The fun side: taking them to the park, running around like a loon with them, singing them funny songs and playing with them.

There’s the financial side: keeping your head above water and sometimes making difficult decisions about home/work balances to ensure they have everything they need. The role model side: making sure you’re a good example for them to follow, admitting when you’ve made a mistake, generally being a nice person. The environment side: providing them with lots of things with stimulate their minds as they grow (books! So many books!), keeping the environment around them clean, tidy and as peaceful as possible. The social side: letting them interact with other children, taking them to places, teaching them to interact with adults too.

No wonder parenting is such a tiring job! If I sat here for a million years I could probably fill that entire time thinking of extras to the list above. So many ways to mess up, but also so many ways to be a super duper, amazing mom!

Harriet and Alexandra x

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