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I figured as I’d done a post last week about the Worst Advice Ever (here), it was only fair to have a think about what kind of excellent advice I’d heard. Some of it hasn’t been given directly to me, some of it is paraphrased but all of us is top notch advice from my point of view.

Do your research:
I’m astounded by the number of times I’ve seen/heard (mostly read on the internet to be honest) people asking questions it would be simple to find the answer to, or accepting ridiculous advice off strangers on the internet because they somehow think that’s going to be the best advice they can find? Not everyone wants to spend hours trawling the web for every expert’s opinion on weaning or bedtime routines, but there is SO much information out there that it’s very simple to educate yourself. I find the NHS a good place to start when looking for guidelines, seen as they actually know a thing or two about keeping a baby safe!

Know about the risks:
This kind of links in to the point above, but I have seen so many people celebrating the fact their child has got to the minimum legal weight they can be to forward face their car seat, as if it’s a right of passage? When if they educated themselves a little bit they’d know it’s far safer to keep them rear facing for as long as possible. If they know the risks and still choose to forward face then that’s their own decision (I strongly disagree with it but they’re entitled to do what the hell they like!) but there’s no excuse for being ignorant. Same with cot death, if you still want to put them in their own room before six months or do anything else linked to a higher risk, then go ahead but don’t do it because you ‘didn’t know any better’.

Use their sleep time however you want to:
I wrote in my Worst Advice Ever post about sleeping when the baby sleeps and how ridiculous that concept was. Really I think the most important thing is using any time your baby sleeps for (ie about 20 minutes twice a day for us at the moment!) in whatever way you prefer. If you want to do the dusting or ironing because it’s important to you to keep up to date on the household chores, go for it. If you want to sit scrolling through Facebook on your own, don’t feel guilty because believe it or not as a mom you’re still allowed some time for yourself.

Don’t drop the baby:
I’ve spoken about this one before – it’s our NCT group’s main bit of advice and I think we’ve all managed it successfully so far. Not dropping or breaking your baby (if you can try not to lose them too, that’s also a winner) is one of the most important aspects of parenting.

Remember you love each other:
This was a piece of advice given to us by our NCT tutor and it’s so true. In the hardest, most exhausting, most exasperating times you will need to remember you’re a team and that you really, really like your other half – to the point where you chose to have a baby with them. You are allowed to like them a little bit less when the baby decides they’re her favourite though! 🙂

Harriet and Alexandra x

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