Daddy Appreciation

Phone pics 2015 137Warning: this post may be a little sickly sweet and vomit inducing!

I’m immensely lucky to have found someone who I know will make a fantastic father to our daughter, partly because of his experience already as a dad and partly from his personality and attributes. You read so much about wayward parents that it’s very reassuring not to be stressing about how your partner will act after the baby’s here. Although I’m never going to agree that the hardship of pregnancy has been shared 50/50 between us, I do appreciate the little things Dylan has done and how much he’s been there for me while I’ve been growing our baby. So as we look forward to our wedding as well as the new arrival, I wanted to thank him for those things:

– Thank you for putting up with my moaning, hormones and grumpiness since January so graciously.

– Thank you for holding my hand during our scans and for being as excited as I was when we found out we were having a little girl!

– Thank you for occasionally reminding me our baby probably doesn’t need a million outfits!

– Thank you for getting the nursery looking so amazing.

– Thank you for all the back rubs and cuddles when I’ve been feeling rough.

– Thank you for not minding when I couldn’t eat dinner with you all those nights because of the sickness.

– Thank you for letting me choose our girl’s middle name because you knew how important this name is to me.

– Thank you for all those amazing moments when you’ve talked to baby through my belly button.

– Thank you for going on this parenthood journey with me and for being there beside me every step of the way.

– Thank you for already being the best daddy to our baby girl.

Harriet and bump xxx

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