During Pregnancy I Lost…

Mini Harriet.

Mini Harriet.

During pregnancy I lost:

Everything. Seriously, the idea of baby brain isn’t just a fallacy created by women doing stupid things. Something weird goes on inside your mind as soon as you’re pregnant. My memory was pretty bad beforehand, now it’s appalling.

Any flexibility I ever had. I wasn’t exactly cartwheeling all over the place and doing fancy yoga moves before. Now I need a ten-minute warning to get my shoes on before I leave the house.

The ability to control the bath taps. The last couple of weeks I’ve noticed whenever I get in the bath, I can’t quite bend over properly to turn the taps off once it’s full. Are there people I could hire to do this job for me?

Sleep. First they (the pregnancy gods) took away my ability to sleep on my front. It’ll be fine I thought (it wasn’t). Then I couldn’t sleep on my back. Then I couldn’t sleep for more than three hours without needing a wee. Then I was too hot to sleep. This is all good preparation for the baby days, but I do feel a bit nostalgic for pre-pregnancy eight/nine hour uninterrupted sleep stints.

Hours of my life to peeing. I’ve always been a regular pee-er (TMI?) but even I didn’t know how much I’d be in that bathroom once I got pregnant. I probably could have started on a full-scale replica Bayeux Tapestry when we conceived, solely working on it while on the loo, and have finished it weeks ago.

All rational thought. It’s probably the one time in your life when you’re allowed to be irrationally hormonal but sometimes I’ve had to catch myself and stop myself from taking it too far. I felt like my world was falling apart the other day when I’d paused the tennis which was playing on my phone and then it wouldn’t start again. It was a bleak moment. I had to count to ten and remind myself there were probably more important issues going on in the world. Probably.

Harriet and bump x

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