Early Terrible Twos

Pretending to be a nice girl!

Pretending to be a nice girl!

The tantrums have hit our house. They’ve been lingering under the surface for a while now but we can’t deny it any longer. We’ve developed from a little bit of whinging when things don’t go her way to full on, throwing herself to the ground, sobbing and whaling.

She’s 14 months, how did this happen already? I was all set to get to her ‘terrible twos’ birthday next August before I had to endure sympathetic looks off strangers as my usually golden girl screams in my face. I’d hoped we’d get somewhere near the ‘being able to reason with Alex’ phase before this all started. Clearly I was totally naïve. I’m now expecting a potential brief period of sweetness and light at some point before she goes to school followed by a long descent into the stroppy teenage years before she emerges at some point in 2035 as a nice grown up human being you can actually have a conversation with.

Don’t get me wrong, for most of the day she’s an absolute delight and I couldn’t ask for a better child but now when she gets tired it’s like dealing with a completely different child. Sometimes it’s because she’s hungry or because you’ve asked her not to do something she was intent on doing. Other times I can’t even figure out what she’s so worked up about.

I’m hoping the early onset tantrums means we’ll be done with them quicker but a large part of me thinks that’s entirely unrealistic and it’s more probable that they’re here to stay for quite a while.

Wish me luck!

Harriet and Alexandra x

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