Four Months Old


I can hardly believe it but the tiny little newborn placed into my arms seconds after birth turned four months old on December 29. She’s been a delight from the start but she’s really starting to have much more of a personality now! Sometimes we wake up in the morning to the chirpy little sounds of her lay in her moses basket chatting away to herself. It’s honestly the cutest thing. Then when we go to pick her up she gives the widest toothless grin in the world.

Speaking of teeth, Alexandra is really starting to teethe now. A very red cheek and tonnes of dribble are constants now and anything which comes within grabbing distance is put in the mouth and gummed enthusiastically. Her hand-eye co-ordination is fab and she’s now learned to take her dummy in and out of her mouth, although she has a habit of taking it out, throwing it and then crying for someone to put it back in!

Her favourite things this month are being out and about in her sling, the jumparoo, daddy (she’s a real daddy’s girl) and grabbing people’s hair. Her balance is improving and we’ve had a couple of seconds of sitting by herself so hopefully next month I’ll be reporting that she can now sit on her own, she’s got a wide variety of sounds and is using a lot of Gs and she’s also sleeping for around 11-12 hours at night with five bottles in the day.

So here’s to month five with our little lady!

Harriet and Alexandra x

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