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The tiny one is now using this room!

The tiny one is now using this room!

There comes a time in every parent’s life when they ship baby off into their own room and reclaim the space as their own. That time for us came recently and here I am blogging about it, as I do with many, many baby related milestones!

Pretty much before she was born, I decided around the six-month mark was a good time for Alexandra to go into her own room. I think Dylan would have been okay with her going earlier, but I got my own way (I don’t always, I promise!). Much of my decision was based around SIDS statistics and advice that they’re better off with you for at least the first six months, which is when they’re at a higher risk of SIDS. But another part of it is I knew that once she was in her own room, that was that. It seems so final for her to not be with us, like a watershed moment in her life where she progresses from a tiny baby to being a proper little person. Knowing we’ll never have another means I’ll never have those moments where you lean over and put your head in the moses basket to check they’re still okay or lie there listening to their little snuffly breaths.

Just before Christmas she was growing at such a rapid rate we figured we didn’t have very long left where she fitted in her moses, and our room just isn’t big enough to accommodate a crib or cot as the furniture in there is pretty hefty. So it was a waiting game to see how much life we could squeeze out of the moses. Eventually by the start of March it was becoming apparent that unless she became a contortionist pretty quickly, we were going to have to transfer her to the cot. We were off to Edinburgh for the weekend so it just didn’t make sense to do the move yet, so we waited until we returned.

Honestly, the first night I hated it! We got into bed and I instantly asked Dylan if we could have her back in with us and keep her there til she’s 21. He said no. I tried to negotiate down to just until she started school. He still said no (told you I don’t always get my own way!). I know it’s the right thing to do as the poor girl was starting to wake herself up every time she moved in the night. Also because sleeping in a moses basket in your parents’ room as a teenager is probably weird. But just not having her there feels odd to me, she was technically in with us from January last year when I got pregnant and spending so many nights without her in hospital was awful, so I supposed it’s only natural I’m going to have a bit of sadness about the separation!

We have noticed an increase in how often we get up to her, but part of that could be as she’s got a little cold and also, I think it sometimes seems like so much more often as we have to actually get up and walk into her room to see to her rather than leaning over. Hard life isn’t it?!

I am starting to get used to it now (writing this a week in to the process), and the one huge benefit is I can get ready for bed whatever time I like without creeping around like a burglar trying not to disturb her. I’m sure I’ll find many more positives about the situation in the weeks to come, but for now I’m still a little sad!

Harriet and Alexandra x

(Not sure 100% what I’m doing with my scheduling right now, I used to post on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays during pregnancy. Now I post on Tuesdays and Thursdays but I find I’m writing blogs for weeks in advance so I may add the extra one in at the weekend, but not every week. Who knows?!)

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