Going for Gold: Baby Olympics


Have you been watching Rio 2016? I have and I’ve absolutely been loving it! My favourite is watching the swimming but of course I tuned in to the athletics to see how Mo, Jess, Usain etc got on (yeah I’m clearly on first names basis with them all!). I didn’t see as much of the tennis as I’d have liked (missed all of Wimbledon as well!) but never mind. What a fab few weeks of sport!

Anyway, to get this back on topic and relevant to babies. While I was watching I got to thinking about the Baby Olympics and what kinds of sports they’d have which Alexandra would definitely excel in. I reckon she’d be a gold medallist in the following:

Baby Throw-down: the idea of this sport is to throw as many items on the floor in two minutes as you can, while your opposition (ie mom) attempts to put the items back into their rightful place. Ten points for every item on the floor when the buzzer goes.

The crawl off: the rules here are you must wait until the second your nappy is taken off (it counts as a false start if any competitor begins while their nappy is still on) and then crawl/roll/shuffle as far a way as possible in the quickest time. Points accumulate the longer you manage to escape for.

The nappy wiggle: this can be played just after the crawl off and involves you suddenly becoming an octopus while your competitor attempts to put your nappy back on. Extra points if you escape more than once. Triple points if you manage to reach and spread around the deposits in your last nappy. Automatic gold if you can poo again while your nappy’s off.

Hide and seek: we all know putting a bright pink blanket over your head while you’re sat a metre away from your opposition (ie your parents) renders you invisible to the human eye. The longer you can stay sat there with your blanket on your head, the more points you gain. Extra points if you can shriek loudly throughout the game and/or fall over as you’re so excited while your parents continue saying ‘where’s Alex? Where’s she gone?’ because they DEFINITELY can’t see or hear you.

So there you have it, some of my initial ideas for the Baby Olympics!

Harriet and Alexandra x

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