Hospital Bag Part 2

I wrote a post about packing my bag ready for going to hospital a few weeks ago, just featuring the stuff we’d put in for baby (read it here), I’ve now finally got round to adding all the bits and pieces I’ll need (or most of them hopefully!) so I thought I’d share that too. The only things really missing are extra pillows which I’ll take in separately, the car seat which we’ll pop in the car before we leave and if I’m induced I’ll take some stuff to stop me being bored as apparently these things can take ages!


First up I might be looking terrible but I do want to use some nice products when I have that first shower after baby’s here! I’ve packed a mini deodorant, shampoo and conditioner, shower gel and body butter (thanks to my sister for the last two as part of my birthday present!).


The not-so-glamorous bits! Breast pads and maternity pads/pants. Mmm delightful! I’ve also packed a tankini in case I get to go in the birthing pool and a big towel too.


A hot water bottle to help with the pain, maternity bra, some BIG pants in case I need a C-section, some bobbles (I’ll probably have my hair up to go into hospital anyway but nothing more annoying than one breaking and not having others to hand!) and a lip balm.


Some really loose comfy clothes to come out of the hospital in and two nighties (notice the dark colours!), one of which buttons up the front for easy skin to skin contact/feeding.


Flip flops seem like quite an odd choice for a hospital bag! But I don’t really like slippers and I figured I’d want something on my feet which was easy to get on, I could wear outside if I want to go on a little walk and also that I wouldn’t mind ruining/losing! Also some bendy straws so Dylan can help me have sips of water without drowning me every time!


This is Dyl’s section of the suitcase – a deodorant as I imagine it will be warm and sweaty in there! A top which buttons down in case I can’t do skin to skin so he can step in and do that and some trunks as he might come in the birth pool with me if we get to use it.


Last but definitely not least some snacks! Plenty of water and sports drinks to keep my energy up and stop me getting dehydrated (and same to Dyl as well!) plus some sweeties, nuts and cereal bars for us to share (apart from the nuts, I can’t believe I’m allowing him to bring something I hate the smell of into the room! But I’ll probably have bigger things to worry about at that point!)

So that’s about it for the case, hopefully I’ve got most the things we’ll need but if not there are plenty of shops nearby and we only live a ten minute drive from the hospital. Obviously if I end up staying in quite a while Dylan will be popping back home to sleep so he can bring extra supplies in for us.

Harriet and bump x

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