I Get By…

…with a little help from my friends.


On this blog, I talk a lot about parenting-related things which make me happy or sad, I talk about progress in Alexandra’s life, way back when I was pregnant I even spoke a little about the NCT course we started at around six months gone. But since then I’ve hardly mentioned the group (apart from maybe in passing when they’re referred to as my ‘mommy friends’ or as Alexandra’s tiny pals) which seems odd when I think about how much of an influence they’ve had on my first nine months of motherhood. I’m going to change that right now with a special post all about my lovely chums and why having people who pushed a human out at about the same time to share tales about your nipples, tears and poonamis (baby’s poos, not our own) with is really quite top notch.

When we first walked into a fairly boring looking meeting room to learn about breastfeeding, labour and the early days of parenthood, we didn’t quite know what to expect. When we learned there were six others couples also on the course, I guess we expected to like a few of them and we hoped we might remain in touch. As it is, pretty much a year on from that first session we’re all still friends – the men don’t see each other as much but the moms and babies are regular fixtures in our weekly schedule.

I’m pretty astounded that six other women and I were thrown together in a group with nothing in common except we live fairly close to each other and we all got pregnant at the same time – and that I genuinely really like all of them.

When we were having a pretty tough time of it (well, Dylan really, I was just having a long lie down), the girls pulled together and cooked food, sent parcels of everything he might need, looked after Alex and took her to baby groups – which is even more brilliant when you think about the fact they all had tiny babies, cluster feeding, the small matter of post-birth healing, crying, breastfeeding etc to deal with. They were absolute superstars and I feel I can’t ever really repay them for what they did. Even if we lose touch, which I genuinely hope doesn’t happen, we’ll always remember them and love them for their help during that horrible time.

It has been a genuine pleasure to get to know them and to watch as one by one their bumps transformed into babies, and then to watch as those babies grow week by week and learn how to do new things. The little ones all interact with each other now (mine mostly does that by stealing their socks and trying to bat them in the face, clearly she’s trying out for the role of group bully!) which is just delightful to see and I can’t wait to find out what they’re all going to be like when they’re older, as they’re all such different personalities already.

I really haven’t ever thanked this ladies enough for their constant support, for letting us come on this journey we call parenting with them and for answering a whole lot of questions I’ve had along the way.

So now I’m saying it in a slightly slushy post: thank you! I can’t think of six people I would rather sit and eat cupcakes with, send ridiculous parenting memes to and discuss boobs, bits, bottles and everything in between with.

I love you all immensely!
As we’ve said before: here’s to the best friends I’ve ever bought.

Harriet and Alexandra x

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