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We had our anomaly scan on Monday and are over the moon to report everything is going swimmingly. They did all sorts of checks on head circumference, abdominal circumference, heart, spine, brain etc and reported all the measurements were spot on and everything looked healthy. I can’t describe how elated we were to hear that. There had been no signs anything was wrong but you never really know what’s going on inside the bump so to have confirmation baby is growing healthily and happily in there is fantastic!

Now obviously the main priority was finding out if baby was growing normally, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t also hugely excited to find out the gender! We’ve resisted paying for a gender scan in the last month (I said ‘we’ – I mentioned it, Dylan said it was a waste of money when we’d know at 20 weeks anyway, I knew I wasn’t going to persuade him otherwise and managed to contain my anticipation!)

If you’d asked me before I got pregnant my preference, I probably would have said a girl – I’ve got a sister, no brothers, I went to girls’ schools throughout my education, most of my friends are female, I like shopping and hair and all the stereotypical ‘girl’ things. However, pretty much the second I got pregnant I had this instinct it was a boy. I was dreaming about boy babies, the boy name choice came much easier to us than the girl one, I was drawn to all things blue and colourful in the shops, we picked out a boy nursery theme for once we found out. I was calling the bump ‘he’ so often people thought we’d already found out the gender. Every time I thought about holding my baby, or shouting its name across a playground, or registering it at school, it was a boy.

I had minor doubts around week 16 but other than that I stuck to my guns and stayed firmly in the Team Blue guessing camp. So fast forward to Monday and the sonographer informed us we are having a baby…girl! After I’d paused long enough to pick my jaw off the floor, confirm I’d heard correctly and wonder how my mothering instinct could be so wrong, I began to think about all the amazing girly things we could now start buying and how lovely a little Team Pink bundle will be! Now I feel like it was almost inevitable: Dylan has two daughters already, my family is mostly girls, it feels like it was the only outcome now despite the last four months of thinking otherwise!

Before the scan, I was a little worried I might feel odd hearing pink news – not that I would ever be disappointed as long as baby was healthy. But if your mind’s set on one outcome and the complete opposite happens it can take a little adjustment. Conversely, by about half an hour after the scan when I’d digested the news I was fizzing like a bottle of pop. We managed to call most of our friends and family, and see a couple, to tell them the news and getting them to guess pink or blue then revealing the correct answer was honestly thrilling (to the point where I’ve called everyone but keep thinking there must be more people who want to know! Do you think my dentist will care?).

I wanted to be the first to buy her some girly clothing so we picked up a couple of bits and bobs, including my fave trainers ever. I want some in my size, desperately. Primark – make this happen for me please! So now we have pink booties, a lovely profile shot of her (where she looks a lot like I did when I was younger which is crazy when you consider it’s a black and white image shot through my belly!) and a whole lot of excitement! Obviously she was planned and very much wanted so we’ve always been excited to welcome her into the world later in the year but I think this week is the most fantastic I’ve felt about it all – knowing we can call her ‘she’ and we’ll be meeting a girl in September, knowing what her name will be and all of that makes it even more real (as if the hormones and bump hadn’t!). Hugely looking forward to welcoming our little lady into our world!


If these don’t make your insides feel a bit wobbly there’s possibly something not quite human about you.

Harriet and (pink) bump! x


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