Maternity Essentials

I spoke to my sister who’s almost 20 weeks pregnant (hurrah for a baby niece or nephew!) and she suggested she’d like to read about what I considered my maternity essentials. So basically if you hate this post, it’s her fault!

Breast pads –
Yep straight in at the deep end here people. Before I got pregnant I didn’t really ever spend a second thinking about leaky milk, even when I was pregnant apart from a couple of times people warned me theirs came in really early I didn’t really think too much about it. The baby’s not here yet so I won’t be producing the milk to feed it yet right? Wrong!
My milk came in an hour into an 11-hour flight when I was 24 weeks pregnant. Cue ten hours of me sat there with tissue shoved down my top! Luckily on our first day in Thailand we found a Boots which had some breast pads, which was handy as I was worried about trying to explain it to a non-English speaking person!
But the lesson is clear, just like carrying something around in case your period makes a surprise appearance, pregnant ladies should swap that for some good old breast pads!

Maternity bras –
Continuing the boob theme, by the time I got home from Thailand at 26 weeks my normal wired bras (even two sizes bigger than pre-pregnancy ones) were so uncomfortable! It was at the point where I wanted to turn down invites to go out as that involved putting a bra on! A quick trip to h&m later and I was sorted for the rest of my pregnancy. They even came in handy after I stopped breastfeeding as when I came out of hospital I didn’t want to wear a normal bra due to all sorts of aches and pains and scars and lovely medical stuff like that.

Over the bump jeans –
When I was about seven weeks pregnant I bought some under the bump jeans and I hated them! They just didn’t seem to stay put at all and they constantly irritated me. A few weeks later I bought over the bump jeans (all from New Look so it wasn’t the make of the original ones which was the problem) and they were so so much better! They saw me all the way up to nearly 38 weeks when Alexandra was born and I probably would have worn them for quite a while after too except for ten weeks I pretty much exclusively wore hospital gowns or nighties. Not very attractive but great for comfort!

A helpful other half –
There will come a time when you want to shave your legs but can’t reach. When you want to tie your shoelaces but there’s no way you can get down there. When you want to put your socks on. Basically anything involving the lower half of your body will become impossible sometime during your third trimester. Either spend an hour twisting yourself into all sorts of contortions or enlist the help of an understanding other half.
Unfortunately despite how helpful he was, Dylan can’t stand the smell of nail varnish so I had to work out a method to paint my toenails by myself!

There are probably plenty of other things needed but those were the first four which sprang to mind!

Harriet and Alexandra X

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