Operation Where’s All This Crap Meant To Go?

Alexandra's sister Cara trying out one of the numerous baby-related monstrosities in our lounge!

Alexandra’s sister Cara trying out one of the numerous baby-related monstrosities in our lounge!

So babies come with a lot of stuff, who’d have thunk it huh?

When we first started off on this whole mom/dad/baby partnership thing we’ve got going on, we of course bought quite a lot of stuff for Alexandra. However, it was all pretty much contained – all of her clothes, bedding, towels, books, teddies and some toys in her room with a nice storage box in the lounge for the rest of the toys.

Now nine and a half months in, there’s baby stuff frigging EVERYWHERE. We always get comments about how neat our house is but whenever I look in a room there seems to be all manner of shiny, brightly coloured plastic shit. The kitchen is contained as only the steriliser is out on the side with all of her bowls, cups etc in the drawers. The only sign of a baby in our bedroom now she doesn’t sleep in there is the monitor. The second bedroom where Alex’s sister sleeps when she’s here is also fairly okay unless I’m in the middle of an eBay clear out when we’re swapping Alex’s clothes for the next size up.

In the bathroom I thought we were on to a winner when we discarded the baby bath when she was big enough to sit up unaided. Instead we’ve managed to acquire about 455,262,366 bath toys so you’re never on your own in there and you’re instead being eyed up by a fleet of ducks, some whales and the cast of the Hungry Caterpillar.

The lounge is definitely the worst though! Right now in here we have a jumparoo, which itself seems to be the size of a small planet and rigged up with magnets so your toes are attracted to it and you trip over it multiple times a day; a baby gym and playmat; highchair; bouncer and a whacking great playpen. I tidy up after her multiple times a day (read constantly), but considering how obtrusive all her stuff is I might as well just give up and resign myself that the colour scheme is now ‘bright and clashing’ with a definite plastic theme.

As it’s going to be many, many years before she locks herself in her bedroom constantly engrossed in whatever the 2030s version of MSN Messenger is, I think I’m just going to have to get used to tripping over stuff all the time!

Harriet and Alexandra x

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