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It's about 9am on this picture, I've probably lost at least a dozen things that day.

It’s about 9am on this picture, I’ve probably lost at least a dozen things that day.

As an adult, I’ve always been pretty organised (I had to add the first clause in so my parents didn’t put in a complaint about the inaccuracy of that sentence, reminding me of countless times I forgot my keys or my homework or basically everything that was slightly important to take somewhere with me). At work I used to get laughed at for having so many lists and a completely clean inbox (looking at loads of unread emails gives me a weird eye twitch), I write everything down on a diary or calendar cause I’m forgetful and need reminders.

When we were preparing to have Alexandra, I think I felt like I was almost ‘over organised’ if that’s even possible. We’d bought loads of clothes in various sizes, I packed my hospital bag a few weeks in advance, we’d decided on a name for her, I had it all sorted in my head really. Now, six months on, I realise there is no such thing as being super organised with a baby.

You can be all prepped to go out but if that baby decides that’s the exact moment they’re going to fill their nappy, good luck ignoring that stench and getting on with your life! (I mean clearly you’d change them anyway even if you could put up with the smell but what an inconvenience! They seriously know when you’re rushing and try to make it as difficult as possible for you). Every day you need to remember to clean, sterilise and make up their bottles (or bring your boobs along with you if you’re breastfeeding), fill a changing bag with every single little thing they need plus some extra just in case. Now we’re weaning you have to start thinking about what they’re eating and make it (myself and Dylan usually stand in the kitchen pondering what to eat at about eight o’clock at night, you really can’t do that for the baby’s food). You have to assess how many times they’re likely to chunder or cack through their clothes to know how many spare sets to take.

I mean, it’s all a bit too much for someone who used to struggle taking their books and their house keys into school with them! Every single thing Alexandra owns has a place in our house, whether it’s her leggings which go in a particular part of her wardrobe, or her toys which live in a box in our lounge. But still countless times a day I find myself searching for a missing sock or bottle lid. When she’s on the move, I dread to think how much more infinitely impossible this becomes. I’ve lost a toy, a pair of mittens and who knows what else while we’ve been out, people have chased after me waving forgotten bottles more than once and I’ve even somehow gone out without wipes twice (this is basically turning into a confession of how awful a mother I am!). I mean, wipes are pretty basic right? We’ve used at least three million of the things since August. You’d think they’d be incredibly hard to forget.

Out of all the moms I know, I’d say one person still runs a military-precision schedule and has probably never ever turned up on the wrong day to do something or forgotten anything (you know who you are!). The rest of us? I normally need a lie-down by about 10am.

Harriet and Alexandra x

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