Packing Heavy

12592421_10156555643295232_5961224199435825984_nThere are few things in life which please me more than making lists and being so organised it hurts (those few things probably include correct grammar usage, Lucozade Orange and an afternoon nap). So the horrendously geeky side of me silently rejoiced (okay probably not so silently) when we returned from our very first family break away having not forgotten ANYTHING the baby needed. Okay it was only for two days/one night, okay we were in a town centre rather than out in the wilderness fending for ourselves so feasibly could have purchased anything we’d forgotten, okay it’s not that much of a big task as filling a changing bag was in the very early days. But still!

In terms of packing, I made sure to take extra of everything – you never know when that double poonami might strike! And packed everything up into little freezer bags. So all her nappies were in one, each separate outfit in one, swimming stuff, toiletries etc. It meant it was incredibly easy to locate anything we needed and it also made things a lot easier when it came to unpacking once we returned home.

Alexandra’s still just about in her moses basket so we took that with us rather than the travel cot, it was ideal really as we could fill it with all our stuff in the boot. Luckily we have a baby who travels well (she got very used to an hour each way in the car while hospital visiting!) so she slept pretty much the entire time to Buxton in Derbyshire, about an hour and a half away from our home. We took the sling and the pram with us so she could alternate depending whether we were in the town centre or out on a walk. There was a hotel swimming pool so we could have our regular Friday night swim, then we popped her into her babygrow and she came to dinner with us in her car seat. Having her in her night clothes meant we could easily transfer her into her moses when we got back up to our room.

All in all it was a lovely first night away as a family, helped massively by how good she was the whole time! We’ll definitely be trying to get away for a little longer in the spring and we’re keeping our fingers crossed I might be able to fly by the end of this year (as in, be medically fit to board a plane not actually learn to fly – although that would be cool too) so we can take Alex abroad.

Harriet and Alexandra x

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