Pink For Girls, Blue For Boys

Not always dressed in pink!

The concept that pink is for girls and blue is for boys isn’t a new one. We’ve long been pushing these gender stereotypes on children (and adults) and it’s not about to change. I have to admit, we do dress Alexandra in a fair amount of pink and she does have some pink toys.

But she also has a train set (a couple of people asked me why we’d bought her a train? Last I knew girls went on trains too, I’ve definitely been on a few in my time), a blue tent, both the girl and boy version of some annoying talking dog etc. And then she has things like Duplo that would traditionally have been a toy for boys, although the pack she’s got comes in a pink box.

My nan and grandad very kindly bought Alex a doll and pram for her first birthday (which she absolutely loves) but my nan’s remarked a couple of times that her cousin Zachary can’t have one and he’ll have to have something like a fire engine instead. I have tried to point out that when Zach comes to our house or vice versa they share toys and I’m sure he will end up pushing the pram along once he’s walking.

This is one reason why I’m really warming to the idea of having ‘one of each’, because it means while Alexandra will probably be bought pink toys and princesses throughout her childhood and Baby 2 will receive trucks and Batman outfits and the like, they’ll be able to share each other’s toys and learn that really it’s about what they like playing with, not what colour it is.

If Alex grows up and asks to dress as Spiderman rather than Sleeping Beauty then so be it, equally if my son loves pink and glitter then we’ll encourage that. I really don’t see the point of getting hung up on what toys they’re playing with, surely the wider the range of activities they take part in, the more they’ll learn?

Yes I’ll dress my son in blue just like my daughter wears a lot of pink and purple (although she does also don navy and grey!), but equally once they’re old enough to choose their own clothes if that happens to reverse then we’ll go along with that. I’d hate to quash my kids’ personalities or try and alter them in any way – it seems like a bit of a slippery slope trying to change their preferences when they’re three or four!

Harriet, Alexandra and bump x

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