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Who'd have thought something so cute could be so potent!

Who’d have thought something so cute could be so potent!

Confession: about 30 per cent of my conversations these days mention poo.

I don’t know why, but there’s something which happens when you become a mom and suddenly poo is one of your main interests in life. When your other half comes home from work, it’s one of the first things you tell them ‘baby did two poos today, one was the consistency of chocolate mousse, the other a lot runnier’. You find yourself discussing your baby’s toilet habits with complete strangers.

Every aspect of poo can be covered in these conversations: amount, consistency, colour, whether it stayed within the nappy, whether the vest had to be chucked.

It could be that actually in the early days babies do very little – they pretty much eat, burp, poo and sleep. There’s not that much to report. It could be that motherhood provides you with that delightful opportunity to watch another human being poo which you’ve probably not done for a long time (or ever hopefully!). It could just be that essentially we’re all a little bit gross at heart, and this is a good opportunity to get away with it. Whatever the reason, it’s probably happened to you if you’ve had a baby. If you’re pregnant or don’t have a child and you’re turning your nose up at this, just you wait til it’s your turn!

Harriet and Alexandra x

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