Second Hand Snobbery

Baby's wardrobe

Baby’s wardrobe

I’m Harriet and a I have a ‘buying baby bundles off eBay’ addiction. There, I said it.

Today I wanted to have a quick natter about the (sometimes) snobbery around people buying second hand stuff for their little ones. I’ve seen people completely turn their noses up at the idea, which I absolutely don’t get. Others have said with their first they’d like to buy all new, which I understand a lot more. We’re very lucky not to be on the breadline but with a drop to one wage in the household, a wedding and various other expenses this year it just seemed completely sensible to see what we could get for the best possible price.

We were very lucky in that a friend whose baby was born last year gave us absolutely loads of stuff and also sold us his travel system for an extremely reasonable price. Not everyone’s in that position so we definitely appreciate it. We knew before we saw the stuff it would be really well looked after and clean so it was a huge bonus to us.

We have bought some new stuff ourselves for baby, mostly before we knew she was a girl so a lot of neutral sleepsuits, bibs etc. But once we knew the gender I felt like I wanted to really start filling up her wardrobe and, as much as I could quite easily have run round the shops grabbing items left, right and centre and spending hundreds, I knew we could get lots more for our money if we shopped around. Thus I turned to eBay and managed to get some amazing bundles of clothes – for example 40 items of three to six month clothing for less than £20. There’s no way you’d get that in any shop no matter how reasonable. And it was obvious from the quality of them they’ve only been worn once or twice, some not at all. They came to us smelling and looking beautiful and of course I washed them again before putting them in baby’s wardrobe, as I would with anything new.

So I really can’t understand some people’s reluctance to turn to second hand. I know I’ve saved myself a good couple of hundred pounds – and that’s with us being (fairly) restrained knowing people will probably buy outfits for her once she’s here. We have pretty much everything we could want for her first six months of life and we’re now able to be super prepared and, where we see new stuff we like, get it in six to nine or nine to 12 months.

What’s your opinion? Did you/would you buy second hand for your little one?

Harriet and bump x

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