Second Trimester Part One

A 20-week bump.

A 20-week bump.

Some of you may have seen my first trimester round-up (it’s here if you haven’t), I’ve now reached the mid-way point of my pregnancy meaning I’m halfway through the second trimester (the middle of the middle if you like) so it seemed like an ideal opportunity for a catch-up. I’m hoping to do the same towards the end of June as I enter into the third trimester and from then on in provide more regular updates (she says hopefully) as things really start gearing up for the ‘main event’ ie birth.

My previous posts have hinted at (strongly hinted at, like a baseball bat in the face kind of hint) my grumpiness, aches and pains and general moans and groans within the last few weeks. I’ll be the first to admit the second trimester has been a surprise for me, not a nice one. One of those surprises like bumping into someone important when you haven’t brushed your hair and there’s toothpaste on your jumper or getting your period on holiday. I was fully signed up to the ‘all singing, all dancing, joyous, fantastic, blooming, amazing second trimester’ but it turns out I didn’t read the small print. Apparently none of these wonderful things which were meant to happy to my body were actually guaranteed, and there’s no way of getting a refund either.

So instead I’ve been back ache, tummy ache, headache, life ache central. I’m generally quite vocal if I have an issue (stop rolling your eyes at the back there) but I think I’ve moaned more in the last two months than I’ve ever done before. Everything on my body has hurt at one time or another, usually in tandem with something else. I’ve also had all the feels: it’s 5.59pm I feel ecstatic, it’s 6pm I feel heart-brokenly sad, it’s 6.01pm I feel grumpy, it’s 6.02pm absolutely fine again now. Repeat as desired!

But in between bouts of taking to my bed, declaring my life is ruined and telling Dylan it’s all his fault I’ve tried to be a little bit rational about. Just a little bit. I’m 21 weeks today, which means at the very most even if baby overstays her welcome I will be pregnant for another 21 weeks. Whilst that sounds a lot, it’s really not in the grand scheme of things. And in this game I’m playing, I’m odds-on favourite to be the winner of a shiny new little person at the end. So I’m trying to see the bigger picture and just eat a lot of cake, because everyone knows cake heals all wrongs.

Harriet and bump x

(If you care to pop back on June 21 you’ll get an update on the second half of this trimester, providing my fingers haven’t got so big from all the cake that I’ve stopped being able to type)


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