Second Trimester Part Two

My second trimester bump!

My second trimester bump!

Whilst it seems like I’ve been pregnant forever, I haven’t. I’ve been pregnant for 28 weeks today and that marks the end of my second trimester. It also means in theory in 12 weeks’ time I should have a little bundle of joy in my arms (because all babies are born on their due dates right?!) or at the very most, I’ll have 14 weeks to wait to meet baby.

The second trimester has been the longest thing ever (I’m not very patient) – although in reality it’s only been 14 weeks, the exact same length as the first (although I didn’t know about baby til week four). I wrote about the first half of it here on May 3 and was decidedly grumpy about it. I don’t know if it’s the sunshine or the fact we’re so much closer to due date, but I feel a little more upbeat.

Symptoms-wise, I’m getting achy hips and belly (I’m guessing because she’s quite low down so everything is stretching) and every couple of weeks or so my belly feels really tight and stretched for a few days and then it’s like my skin catches up and realises it needs to grow a bit!

Little girl is very active and has been for the last few weeks – rolling around, kicking regularly and making my stomach do all sorts of odd things. It’s really reassuring to be able to feel her so much (and nice for Dylan as well) but then you do start getting a bit paranoid if you haven’t felt anything for a few hours.

I’ve probably got a little less tired but I’m definitely nowhere near pre-pregnancy levels and a regular nap or early night is always in order. I’m managing to get stuff on my to do lists done but progress is slower than I’d like and I find that incredibly frustrating! I know I’m not going to get any less tired for the next few years!

Oh and the other change since the halfway through the second trimester post is my milk has come in. I wasn’t quite expecting it to happen an hour into an 11 hour flight!

So if you’re interested in keeping up to date as I go through my third trimester, I’ll be back on Sunday with a week 29 update!

Harriet and bump x


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