Spoiled By Santa?

'We don't even have a chimney mom, how's this chap supposed to be getting in?'

‘We don’t even have a chimney mom, how’s this chap supposed to be getting in?’

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for a few weeks, you’ll have noticed it’s very nearly Christmas! (Or iiiiittttt’sssss Chrrrrrriiiissss-muuuuusssss if you’re Noddy Holder) This year I’m more acutely aware of how families celebrate, having become a little family of three since last Yuletide. The one thing which I’m finding more and more is just how much little babies get spoiled.

Now honestly, I’m not a complete Grinch. I don’t start getting excited and putting my tree up in September but once it actually reaches December I do start to look forward to the big day, I’m sat here writing this in the lounge with the lights and candles on feeling very cosy and content. But we certainly won’t be piling thousands of presents under the tree. We’ve bought her three things, all of which we probably would have purchased anyway, and there are a number of reasons for that, the main one being family and friends will buy her lots – we don’t go out asking for anything but they will do anyway. Secondly she has absolutely no idea it’s Christmas, what Christmas is, who Santa is or anything. As far as she’s concerned the old man in red she met the other Sunday is simply another face to add to the hundreds she’s already met. Whether we get her one or one thousand presents to open (well for us to open!) she will never remember that and the more we get the less likely she is to be able to play with everything before she grows out of it.

Our reasoning is if Alex ever needs anything or if we see or hear about items which we think she would like, we go out and buy them. Yes it’s nice for her to have some bits and bobs over Christmas but some families really do seem to go overboard. Her first Christmas will be special not because she’s got some top of the range all-singing, all-dancing toy but because we’ll all be spending time together with our nearest and dearest. Because she’ll be smiling and laughing away at her daddy and I and anyone else nearby, because we know we’re creating a safe and happy environment for her every day and no matter how much Santa spoils you, being with your loved ones is always the best thing about Christmas.

Ah I got all soppy and sentimental at the end there again! Honestly, that’s the Christmas lights reflecting in my eyes, I’m not welling up!

Harriet and Alexandra x

(I should stop putting her name at the end of these, she doesn’t really help much and her grammar’s not up to scratch anyway)

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