Stranger Danger


One thing I’ve found hugely different when out and about since having a child (apart from obviously taking said child and all of her supplies everywhere with me) has been how often strangers talk to me. Being a former journalist I’m pretty used to going up to complete randoms and striking up a conversation, but only ever when I’m being paid to do it. At all other times I find it a little weird when people approach you and begin chatting like you’re besties.

But now Alexandra exists I’m having to get my head around the fact I’m everybody’s mate. Or more accurately the mother of Mrs Popular who has to answer on her behalf. Every single person I see wants to engage us in conversation. I factor time into my day to talk to strangers. I’m considering getting cards printed up with information on them, maybe even a T-shirt for one or both of us to wear. Yes she’s a girl (head to toe in pink is never a good enough giveaway), she’s five months, yes aren’t they lovely at this age, yes aren’t they lovely when they’re sleeping, yes she is cute isn’t she (pats self on back if stranger isn’t already doing so).

Weirder than this, I find myself conducting conversations with these people where I pretend to be Alex. ‘Say hello to the nice lady Alexandra. Hi!’ *waves baby’s hand at the same time* this is the complete opposite to what I’ll be advising her to do when approached by anyone when she can actually talk!

Harriet and Alexandra x

One thought on “Stranger Danger

  1. This is brilliant Harriet and did make Alexandra’s Aunt Sheena howl with laughter, and brought back the same memories and thoughts when both your cousin’s were the same age, just hilarious! Love the blogs and all the pics of my beautiful Niece and Great Niece. Keep up the great work please! <3 <3 😀 xx xx

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