Baby On Board The Plane


Last week we took the plunge into a whole new parenting experience. We figured we’d done pretty okay in keeping our small thing alive for a year and a bit at home, we’d ventured to Wales and Scotland fairly unscathed. Now it was time to test out our parenting skills by sitting in a box full of hundreds of other people for hours on end and adding dangers like sun stroke, overdosing on Magnums and cockroaches into the equation. Yes we set off on our first holiday as a family. We’ve all come back alive with our limbs intact and actually had a rather nice time. But I have learned a few facts on the way which I’d like to share with you now.

Things that will happen when you take a one year old on holiday:

– You will spend every waking second fearful your baby will be burned to a crisp instantly the second they walk outside, no matter how many layers of factor 50 you’ve applied.
– Because of your deep concern for baby’s skin, you will apply sun cream to yourself approximately zero times.
– Despite this you won’t actually get burned because you will never step anywhere near a sun lounger. You will be the odd one out on the plane home as you sit there with milk bottle legs among those who resemble varnished furniture.
– The absence of ironing, work and various other distractions means you might read more than a paragraph of a book that isn’t Dear Zoo or Guess How Much I Love You (I read a whole two and a half books, none of which had a single picture or ‘lift the flap’ page. Incredible!)
– You’re not any less pissed off about the screaming kid on the plane when it’s your own. Only difference is you have to battle to calm them down for FOUR AND A HALF HOURS instead of just tutting and turning your headphones up as you would if it belonged to someone else.
– Your child will push past exhaustion levels previously unknown to man to stay awake for 4 hours and 20 minutes of your 4hr 30mins flight before eventually falling asleep ten minutes before you arrive at your destination.
– When your child gets swept to the shore by a rogue wave, you will panic, potentially scream, cry, rush to their aide. They will simply blink a couple of times and wonder why there’s so much sand in their nostrils.
– Wipes are €2.25 (or at least they were at the local shop which we had to use after forgetting to buy them at the supermarket). €2.25. You could purchase Aldi’s entire stock of wipes for that.
– If you’ve got a pushchair with you, you get to go to a special security scanning area and get on the plane first. We’re taking ours with us on every holiday until Alex is at least 15.

Harriet and Alexandra x

13 Months Old

At a tiny pal's birthday party.

At a tiny pal’s birthday party.

Deary me, it’s time for another monthly update already. Alexandra is 13 months old today – where did that month since her birthday go? This month Alex:

  • Has perfected her climbing skills. She can now climb off the sofa and the bed, climb on to the sofa and the windowsill, and likes to climb on to tables whenever she gets half a chance. Basically if you take your eyes off her for half a millisecond she’ll find somewhere to shimmy up.
  • Still hasn’t got any more teeth. Although there are signs one of the top two is coming through. Update: I wrote this on Tuesday then the day after the corner of the top one popped through!
  • Has been busy growing her hair. It’s really lovely and thick now. Every few weeks we decide on a different celebrity she looks like: for a while it was old-school Justin Bieber with the flicky fringe, then it grew into a Gallagher brothers barnet and now it’s most definitely the same hairstyle as Pauline Quirke. We’ve been calling her Pauline for the last couple of weeks which must be fairly confusing for the poor child!
  • Possibly has worms. She wants to eat non-stop. We took her out to a buffet place for lunch on Monday as Dylan was off and I swear she ate more than the two of us combined!
  • Is even cheekier than before. She knows if she’s doing something wrong and keeps glancing back and grinning, wondering if you’ll catch her. I’ve spent the entire month picking up things she’s thrown/broken/moved out of their correct place/hidden.
  • Has become much better at walking. She now hardly crawls anywhere and spends about 70 per cent of the time walking holding on to something or someone and the other 30 walking unaided.

She’s got such a little funny personality now and although it’s hard work keeping up with her as she wants to mess with EVERYTHING all the time, she’s really good most the time and an enjoyable little person to spend time with!

Harriet and Alexandra x