9 Months On

You forget how much they've grown until you put them next to a newborn!

You forget how much they’ve grown until you put them next to a newborn!

Three quarters of a year has passed since the lovely little human being we called Alexandra entered our lives. She turned nine months old on May 29 and what a nine months it’s been!

Alex is now moving around using a complicated system of rolls, commando crawling and odd frog hopping. Some of it looks a bit dramatic, like the end of an action film where the hero is desperately trying to crawl to safety using the last ounce of his strength before he pegs it. But still, it’s a form of movement! And no doubt proper crawling will happen very soon as she’s making huge progress every day and she gets up into the crawling position and rocks backwards and forwards.

She’s also moving between positions much more easily, trying to pull herself up from sitting to standing or lying down to sitting. It’s quite bizarre to get used to, when you’ve spent months leaving the baby in one place and coming back to see the baby in the same place and now baby can be halfway across the room in an instant.

Food wise she’s still having three bottles a day (hopefully soon to be reduced to two) and three meals. She absolutely loves food and has just got to the stage where she’ll cry if we’re eating and she’s not. She wants to eat anything and everything we’ve got and is particularly fond of oranges, yoghurt and any type of bread, but really isn’t fussy and will eat anything put in front of her. She’s also very good at drinking water out of her sippy cup too.

On the sleep front, we’re still generally getting around 12 hours from her overnight (from around 8.30pm) although sometimes she wakes for a minute or two wanting her dummy to be put in. We really can’t complain at all! In the day she tends to have around twenty minutes or so in the morning then maybe one or two naps in the afternoon, of varying lengths.

She absolutely loves going on the swings, hasn’t quite mastered the art of being gentle yet (either with mommy or her friends), still loves daddy more than anyone else in the world, doesn’t quite know what to make of her tiny cousin Zachary and is still a gummy bear with a grand total of zero teeth.

Harriet and Alexandra x

Just For Fun: About Us

Thumbs up from the little one!

Thumbs up from the little one!

And now for something a little different… Today I thought I’d just share some fun facts about Alexandra and myself.


  1. My best freebie I managed to blag while working as a journalist were two tickets to see Dolly Parton’s Better Day tour. One of the best evenings of my life!
  2. I used to drink Diet Coke every single day, now I haven’t had a sip for over a year after going off the stuff the second I got pregnant!
  3. Vanilla is my favourite scent, we have a drawer constantly full of vanilla-flavoured candles.
  4. I changed my name by deedpoll because I wanted to take Dylan’s surname but also wanted to keep my own, as I’m one of only a handful of people in the country with it and pretty much definitely the only person in the world with my name.
  5. I have to walk on the left side of people, it makes me feel a little funny to go on the other side!
  6. Really horrible, disgusting jokes make me laugh. The worse it is, the funnier I find it.
  7. Anything with owls on it makes me happy.
  8. I genuinely feel much less intelligent after a few months of not working full time, so I’ve made a pledge to start working my way through a list of ‘must-read’ books and catching up on the news much more often.
  9. Dylan proposed to me in a tiny village called Badger.
  10. I wrote a book in 2014 which I need to finish editing.


  1. Alex is Dylan’s third daughter.
  2. Her middle name is Cavanagh in honour of my lovely nan who has the same middle name. It was her nan’s maiden name.
  3. Had we decided to stay in the town I was living in rather than move in together in Dylan’s hometown, Alexandra would have been born in the Alexandra Hospital.
  4. Her name was suggested by the mayor’s PA at a charity skittles night. Had she been a boy, we were going to pick Alexander as a middle name but we hadn’t considered the female version.
  5. For the first few months of her life she got freaked out by myself, Dylan or my mom wearing our glasses so we had to take them off around her!
  6. We were expecting Alex to be much bigger than she was so everyone ended up rushing out to buy her newborn outfits as we’d only got 0-3m stuff.
  7. She’s my parents’ first grandchild but Dylan’s parents have four older grandchildren.
  8. Alexandra dressed as a pumpkin for her first Halloween and Mrs Claus for her first Christmas.
  9. She snuffled continually for the first couple of months and snored horrendously too!
  10. She’s the best and most beautiful baby in the world…obviously!

Harriet and Alexandra x