Pushchair Review: Joie Nitro

Alexandra and Dylan modelling the Joie Nitro!

Alexandra and Dylan modelling the Joie Nitro!

When Alexandra was first born we were kindly given a Hauck Condor travel system which we used lots of times – the car seat she’s still occasionally using now and the carrycot part got plently of use. But because it was second hand (but in good condition!) when we got it and because we used it pretty much daily, I didn’t feel confident that it would stand up to the job of taking us through the next stage ie using just the pushchair part now she’s big enough to be sat up on journeys. So off to Mothercare we went with the intention of just testing out a few and seeing what we liked and didn’t like.

As it was, we ended up buying that day after an hour of trying out the Joie Nitro and a couple of others. While we were in store I also googled and read reviews of the Nitro on a few different sites including Amazon and Mothercare’s own website. My Google search also revealed that the discount they had on the Nitro meant it was cheaper than most sites and I couldn’t see it for any less elsewhere so we thought we’d go for it.

The things we liked about the Nitro included:

  • How lightweight it is: I want to be able to take a pushchair everywhere, load it into cars, take it on trains and buses, push it along easily even with baby and various shopping bags and changing bags in it. I don’t want something clunky! The Nitro is incredibly light, so much so we queried whether it was up to the job but so far I don’t think it’s flimsy at all.
  • Steering: We tried a Maclaren pram and a couple of others too – none of them felt as good to push along as the Joie did. I think the main reason it steers so well is that it’s so light (see above point!). Our Hauck had two handles rather than a bar across and I could only ever steer it using two hands, so I worried a little about picking another one with two handles, but I can actually steer the Joie single-handedly (shall I just say hand a few more times in this sentence?).
  • Easy use: We practised putting the Nitro up and down in the shop and determined it really was as easy as pie. To get it up you unclip a little lock on the side and it pops open and clicks when it’s fully up. Then there’s two things (technical description there!) to press to get it down and again it clicks when locked into place. It couldn’t be much simpler really.
  • Colour: This clearly is way down in the list of requirements when looking at a pushchair. But really, I’ve got to push the thing around and I want to like its appearance. We’ve got the grey/cerise colour Nitro and in my opinion, it strikes a great balance between those which looks too classy and those which look too plain. It’s colourful without being in your face and girly without shouting about it.
  • Height: At just over 5″8 I’m not the smallest of mommies so I don’t want to be stooping over getting a hunchback pushing Alex around. I find this is the perfect height for me!
  • Price: Without sounding like complete tight-arses, we didn’t want to shell out hundreds and hundreds on a pushchair, it just didn’t seem necessary when there are so many decent, low-cost options around. We still tested out some pushchairs in the middle price bracket but found that none compared with the Joie in terms of steering and where there were features we liked (such as a transparent window in the hood of a couple), it really wasn’t worth paying an extra £200-£300 for them. Clearly, with a cheaper pushchair you run the risk of it falling apart more easily, but reviews said it was fairly durable, we have a one-year warranty on it and we figured even if we did have to replace it once before Alex is finished with pushchairs, we still wouldn’t have spent as much as others do on just one pram.

So all in all, a couple of weeks into our use of the Nitro we’re very happy with it. I’ve taken it around town, we’ve taken it to National Trust properties and gone round the gardens (although on a bigger walk we’d probably take the sling rather than a pushchair), it’s been on the bus and it’s not let us down yet.

Harriet and Alexandra x

Best Buys

Try getting out of that Houdini!

Try getting out of that Houdini!

On Tuesday I wrote about buying regrets (here), so to balance things out today I’m sharing a couple of things we definitely couldn’t have lived without!

Muslin cloths – so many people told me we needed loads of these and I’m so glad we listened to them! Alexandra hasn’t quite mastered the art of feeding without dribbling so we tend to go through a bib and a muslin every time she has a bottle. They’re also really handy for pretty much everything! Mopping up spilt bottles, wiping dribbly chins, putting down under baby if you need to change while you’re out etc.

Baby gym – ours cost us £35 from Mothercare and is one of the best things we’ve bought. We got it a few weeks ago when Alex started needing a bit more entertainment and started being awake a bit more. She loves rattling all the little toys on it and we have some toys which have been bought separately which also fit on it. We play with her in it but she’s also very content to play on her own for a while in it. The best is when she falls asleep and then moves and sets the toys jangling, completely startling herself in the process!

Sleeping bags – for the first two months while she was really tiny we used cellular blankets in Alexandra’s Moses basket. But once she was a little bigger we made the transition to sleeping bags (with a blanket on top if really cold). They are so much easier! Not least because it gives her the freedom to kick her legs around without making herself cold and it means we’re not worrying about the temperature and constantly tucking her back into the blankets. The current ones she’s got should last til around six months but I can see us continuing to use them until she can be trusted to stay tucked up!

Harriet and Alexandra X

Baby Bits

One of the things I’ve enjoyed most about my pregnancy is getting to buy little bibs and bobs ahead of our daughter’s arrival. I’m one of those people who’ve always loved shopping for friends’ babies so getting to do it for our own is majorly exciting for me. Although we’ve slowed down what we’re purchasing as we don’t want to have loads of stuff we’ll never use, we have seen some adorable stuff in the past couple of weeks which we haven’t been able to resist!


This gorgeous swimming costume was just £2 in Primark! I’m on the lookout for some tiny cossies for her as we want to take her in the water as soon as possible, this one’s 9-12m so she won’t be using it til next summer but I can’t wait until she fits into it!


I picked up this beautiful long-sleeved bib in Boots for just £2.50. I was drawn in by the cute design and then when I realised the price I just couldn’t leave it there! Then I saw this pack of two bibs in Aldi at the weekend, which again are long-sleeved but these are a kind of towelling material on the front. So baby is getting well stocked up already for once she starts weaning!


This set again won’t be useful until she starts weaning but it was just a couple of pounds from Aldi and contains every from spoons and plates to snack pots and sippy cups. I like the feeling that we’re well prepared for those early feeding days!


This was actually a gift from my mom, who’s become obsessed with buying teddies! This is a gorgeous little rattle from Next and I love the fact it’s an elephant as bump’s first (in utero) holiday was to Thailand! It also keeps reminding me how much I want some stuff with ‘born in 2015’ on as that’s what the label says – I’m hoping we’ll find at least one outfit for baby with the same on it.

Harriet and bump x