Baby’s Summer Wardrobe

We’re all set for our first family holiday abroad and, although it’s not til later in the year, I’ve already been buying some bits and bobs. Mostly because there are such good sales on at the moment with all the summer stuff included in them. So I thought as a departure from my usual word-heavy posts, I’d share some of my favourite buys which we’ll be taking on holiday with us.


This beautiful little romper is from Zara. I must admit, even though we have one in our town centre, I hardly ever venture in there as it’s not somewhere I buy clothes from for myself. But I’m glad I did as this is absolutely lovely and it was on sale too so it was a bargain. Alexandra will probably wear this on the evenings and then we’ll pop some tights and a cardigan on when she wears it at home!


Another romper, this time from good old Primark. I love a navy and white sailor type look and this was only £3 so well worth it. I think this will look lovely if we go on a little day out while we’re over there.


T-shirts are a staple of anyone’s wardrobe so Alex always has a good selection in every size (all the bits here are 12-18 months which is the size she’s just about to go into). The grey and pink pack is from H&M and the three pack is from Asda, both in the sale so just a couple of pounds each.


What’s not to love about two dresses for £5? These are again from Primark, one of the best places I’ve found for cheap stuff which still looks great. It’s not like you have to worry about them wearing out when they’re only in them for a couple of months! These will get plenty of use at home too though, as they’ll match with her tights and cardigans.


Alex has already got a normal swimsuit for age 12-18 months but I was worried about her being in the pool with so much skin exposed so this set is perfect. It’s Disney Baby but was on the sale at Sports Direct. I love the fact it comes with a little hat that will cover the back of her neck while she’s in the pool. She’ll also get plenty of use out of this at home as we go swimming every Friday.


This H&M dress I found in the sale is a-fricking-dorable. I love the little frills, the fact it comes with its own built in little romper bit so you can keep it classy on holiday nights without your nappy hanging out and it’s also got a lovely little hat which will match some of her other outfits too!


This is possibly my favourite thing ever. This hooded towel will be ideal to pop her in when she gets out the pool and to carry her back up to the apartment in. It’s a little big for her at the moment as it’s one-size (from Sports Direct but again official Disney) but it will last for years!

Outtake time:

When the baby doesn’t take any notice of the fact you’re trying to take photos!


And then decides she needs to pose!


Happy holidays!

Harriet and Alexandra x

Alexandra’s Half Birthday

Pretending to be a grown up and standing up and stuff!

Pretending to be a grown up and standing up and stuff!

Yesterday, my lovely baby turned six months old. Jeez, a whole half year (if that’s not too much of an oxymoron!) Where has the time gone?

Alexandra can…

Roll over (when she feels like it)

Make a whole load of noises which sound like words (she has a brilliant habit of saying ‘hi’ repeatedly to people)

Hold her own bottle (again when she feels like it)

Gnaw on a range of veggies (more on her introduction to weaning soon)

Pull her socks off and chew them until they’re soggy

Kick her legs in the swimming pool or when she’s on her tummy to try and move herself along

Reach the floor in her jumparoo now without anything placed underneath it

Alexandra loves…

Her daddy, her little friends and just spending time with people in general!

Putting everything in her mouth

Bath time and swimming

Going out in the pram

An afternoon nap

Miss Polly Had a Dolly, Wheels On The Bus and Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Alexandra is…

Well over 15lb

68cm long at last measure

Using her new ‘big girl’ car seat which she’ll be in til she’s four

Still in our room but likely to move into the nursery very soon

Always being praised for being so content and such a happy little girly!

Harriet and Alexandra x

The Nursery

Alexandra is now three and a half months old and we’re moving towards putting her in her own room (mostly due to the fact she’s nearly outgrown her moses basket and there’s no way her cot will fit in our bedroom). I thought it was about time to show you the nursery – we opted to keep the furniture very neutral and simple and then just add some girly decorations. I feel like it’s a lot plainer than some people’s nurseries but equally she won’t be in that room when she gets bigger and I’d like to wait and find out what she’s into before settling on a design. Imagine giving her a Barbie theme if she hates pink? (Is Barbie even a big thing anymore?!)

IMG_5330 IMG_5329 IMG_5328 IMG_5327 IMG_5326 IMG_5325 IMG_5324 IMG_5323

Harriet and Alexandra x

Three Months On!


I can hardly believe it but my little girl is three months old today – in some ways it feels like years since the day I gave birth (and hasn’t SO much happened since!) but in other ways it’s gone in the blink of an eye and I can’t believe how big she is. Had things been a little more ‘normal’ I would have done one and two month updates but as it is this is the first and hopefully I’ll keep it going to track her development.

Alexandra can roll from her back to her front (well she’s done it once!), smile and giggle, she’s noticing her hands and feet a lot more now and her hand/eye co-ordination is getting really good, she recognises people she sees a lot and definitely knows our voices. She absolutely loves ‘Mr Owl’ – a little jingly owl that is currently hanging off her baby gym, one of her favourite places to be. Everyone comments how alert she is and how well she holds her head up, she’s trying to sit up and is very nosy and likes to be where she can see everything going on. Her absolute favourite things are lights, she spends a ridiculous amount of time each day staring at lights – if we take her somewhere with loads she won’t even acknowledge we’re there as she’s too busy looking!

She’s only recently got into a routine since I got out of hospital as obviously everything was very changeable each day beforehand. Now she wakes around 6am for her morning feed and then either goes back into her moses basket for another sleep or on Tuesdays and Thursdays when Dylan takes her to the childminder she comes into the bed for a chat with me before she goes. She’s there on a Tuesday and a Thursday at the moment but gradually as I get better that’ll reduce so she’ll be with me full time. She tends to feed again at around 10/10.30am, 3/3.30pm and 6/6.30pm and then daddy comes home! He does the last feed which can be anywhere between about 9 and 10.30 and then she generally sleeps through until the morning.

So far (fingers crossed) she’s a very calm and contented little lady. She’s had to adapt to being looked after by a few different people so she’s very good with new faces and generally she only complains when she’s hungry or overtired (baby logic is great – I’m going to moan and cry for 15 minutes because I’m so tired instead of just going to sleep!). She hasn’t been weighed for a couple of weeks but must be 12lb something by now and is just about to outgrow most of her 0-3m stuff so we’ll be starting the process of packing them away (so sad!) and hanging up her 3-6m stuff soon.

Overall she’s a brilliant baby (I’d mark her 10/10 for the last three months. Well done Alexandra, you’ve passed your probation and can stay on with us as your parents permanently! Haha) and of course the cutest bambino ever made!

Harriet and Alexandra x (I still haven’t got used to typing that instead of ‘Harriet and bump’ which I signed off all my pregnancy blog posts with)

The Bit After The Birth…

Every baby girl needs a tutu!

Every baby girl needs a tutu!

When you get pregnant, when you go to the classes, when you finally give birth and your baby’s placed on you for the first time, you think about being a family, about going home and starting your motherhood journey. You don’t think about becoming critically ill and missing a lot of your baby’s first weeks! But apparently that’s what sometimes happens. I haven’t blogged for a long, long time as shortly after my last post I was readmitted into hospital and that’s where I’ve been up until Friday last week. Thankfully, I am much much better and Alexandra is a healthy, happy and thriving little girl (although getting bigger by the second – she’s nearly three months old already!).

So much has happened it seems overwhelming to get into it, but I’m just going to start at the start and when the post starts getting too long I’ll publish it and start a new one:

After Alex was born (birth story here), it’s all a bit of a blur for the next few hours apart from when they tried to take me for a shower, I collapsed and all of a sudden there were about a dozen people in the room! At around 1am they moved me down from the labour ward to a bay with four beds on the postnatal ward, meaning Dylan had to go home. I was just watching Alex all the time so the midwives took her cot out of the room and in with them for a couple of hours so I could get some sleep. We had visitors the next day and everything seemed to be going okay, my platelet levels were even going up.

On the Monday when she was two days old they were talking about discharging me because of this but then one of the lovely midwives, Karen, noticed Alexandra was looking a little bit yellow and suggested she get tested for jaundice; it turned out she was right on the borderline so she had around 17 hours of treatment. Over those 17 hours my oxygen levels suddenly started dropping and no one could work out why, the staff were all testing themselves, swapping machines in case the original one was faulty etc. I started feeling really dizzy and out of breath and ended up on oxygen – around this time I was transferred to my own private room. I was having to get help to get to and from the bathroom and was really feeling quite rubbish.

I ended up having numerous tests including chest x-rays and a CT scan where dye is put into your veins – this led to a diagnosis of extensive pulmonary embolisms in both lungs (blood clots) and pneumonia. I was put on warfarin which is a drug which controls the consistency of your blood and stayed in hospital for a further week. I look back on those first 12 days as quite a happy time because I loved the midwives and healthcare assistants looking after me and Dylan was allowed to stay so even though he was on a little camp bed, me on a hospital bed and Alex in a plastic cot at least we were all together in one room.

There were of course huge down moments, the most major of all being two days before the wedding when we had to have a serious chat and come to the decision I was too unwell and it would be too much of a risk me leaving the hospital for the day. Up until that point the doctors and rest of the staff were going to do everything possible to ensure I could get there, even if I was in a wheelchair and on oxygen, but by the Thursday they too said it wasn’t a good idea. I’ve still double barrelled my name by deed poll and we’ve both now started wearing our wedding rings but of course it was heart-breaking to call off something we’d planned for so long and put our all into organising.

Fast forward to the following Wednesday and there had been talk for a couple of days of me being transferred to the respiratory ward and Alexandra being discharged as she was absolutely fine and they’re not meant to keep babies past ten days on the antenatal ward. But I seemed to have got a little better (I was adamant I wasn’t going up to the ward without my baby so I was desperate to improve!) and the decision was taken that I could be discharged.

I’m going to leave this post here as it’s already very long! But I’ll be back soon with the next chapter.

Harriet and Alexandra x

A Little Bit Of News

The eager beaver readers among you will have noticed I haven’t blogged for a while. I’m delighted to announce that’s not because I’m being lazy or decided I didn’t want to blog anymore – it’s because instead of writing this being hugely heavily pregnant I’m writing this as a mom!

I will write a much longer post about the birth and the days since, in fact it’s likely to be a few long posts as so much has happened! But firstly I wanted to announce her birth and celebrate that before getting into the nitty gritty!

Alexandra Cavanagh was born at 7.04pm on Saturday, August 29th 2015, weighing 2.93kg or 6lbs 7.
She is a tiny bundle of absolute joy and we can’t believe how much we love her! She’s very well behaved and is settling herself into a routine already (although that may change when we finally get home from hospital!). All of the staff here compliment us on how pretty she is and how much hair she has – I think we did a great job making her although I’m a little biased.


That’s all for now and I’ll be back soon once I’ve started processing the birth/postnatal story and getting it down into a vaguely readable post!

Harriet and Alexandra x
(Weird to not write Harriet and bump!)

The Name Game

There are a ridiculous amount of baby name books, never mind baby names.

There are a ridiculous amount of baby name books, never mind baby names.

 Choosing a name for your future offspring, a name that won’t get them bullied, won’t make them sound three years old forever, a name people like. It’s hard, right? I guess it’s one of the biggest (and most permanent) decisions when you’re new in the world of parenting. Most of the other choices – apart from deciding to actually have a baby in the first place – can be reversed somewhat but this is pretty permanent.

A massive problem is there is pretty much no limit to how many names there are in the world. We’re not in the 1800s anymore (no shit) and, as time’s gone by, each new generation has come up with its own variations of existing names and some new completely out there names. Especially living in the celebrity-focused culture we have in 2015, a lot of the time those in the public eye have gone a bit ‘out there’ with their children’s names and therefore some parents-to-be can feel like the task is even more ominous.

Another factor in the choosing game is that (in a lot of cases although obviously not all) two of you have got to decide that you both like a name enough to be forever yelling it up the stairs/across the park. One parent could be the completely traditional type dreaming of Charlotte and George while the other could be thinking of Mercedes and Rylan.

For us, choosing a boy’s name was much easier than a girl’s. Which of course, proved to be entirely unhelpful in our case! We had a middle name for each straightaway but came up with a list of four boys names we both liked. We both went out for the day separately very early on in my pregnancy and came back having decided on a front-runner – luckily they were the same! With a girl I had one name I loved and he had two, neither was won over by the other’s choices. It was only when we went to a charity event and the mayor’s PA suggested a name to us (random, I know!) that following a few days of it ‘growing’ on us, we decided yes that was the one! Now it seems completely natural to call her by that name and I don’t think we’ll change it, although Dylan’s very cautious about sharing it online in case we do (hence the cloak and dagger! Although our friends and family do know).

Luckily we haven’t faced any backlash and everyone has either loved her name or been gracious enough to pretend they do. But you hear so often about poor parents who have their heart set on something and then their loved ones are so rude about it they go off the name! It’s no wonder some choose not to reveal the name until their little one is born – after all, it’s much harder to be ruder about someone’s actual name!

Did you find it easy to pick your children’s names? Did you and your partner agree?

Harriet and bump x