Shelf Life


Often when I make bigger purchases, I wonder how long they’re going to last. It’s inevitable I suppose! And you can’t always rely on what it says on the packaging as obviously they’re going to insist your baby will still be using their bouncer when they’re 27 cause they want to sell you their product! So here’s a little list of how long we used items for in the hope it informs you a little about (a) whether to buy things at all, and (b) how much to spend on stuff.

I also did a blog a very long time ago about things we’d found completely unnecessary (here) and things we’d loved (here), although I will probably do some update posts soon! So you might find those handy if you missed them first time round! 

Bouncer: when we first got this, she barely spent any time in it at all and when she was in it, she was slumped to one side so we’d have to put blankets round her to keep her vaguely in the right position. Since she’s been moving and able to throw herself off the sofa, she’s been using the bouncer for her daytime naps and she’s still doing so.

Moses basket: some people say they’re a waste of money because they only last five minutes. Alex stayed in hers until she was six months old when she went into her own room in her cot. And she wasn’t a particularly short baby.

First size car seat: she still uses this when she’s going in a different car, although she’s been in her ‘big girl’ Maxi Cosi Two Way Pearl in daddy’s car from about six months.

Pram: we swapped from a proper lie down carrycot style pram (part of a travel system) again at around six months and she’s been using her buggy (a Joie Nitro) ever since.

Sling: Alex went in this whenever we went on walks in the countryside from about three months until about a month or so ago (so around ten months) just because she’s on the 75th centile so quite a heavy baby to lug around! My nephew is now getting the use out of our old sling, although it wasn’t a particularly expensive one so I’m sure if you invested more (and used it much more regularly to get used to it) you could make it last longer.

High chair: from six months and still using it now, although she alternates between that and her booster seat so I can see us getting rid fairly soon.

Baby bath/bath chair: the baby bath didn’t get any use from about four/five months, simply because I found it much easier to have her in the seat in the big bath. We stopped using that once she could sit completely unaided for a long time at around eight months, and she’s just sat in the big bath ever since.

Jumparoo: this was packed away about a month ago but she hadn’t used it for a fair few weeks and it was just taking up space in our living room. Once she was crawling and cruising she kind of lost interest in it, although she still loves bouncing on the bed or jumping up and down when she’s stood up.

That’s the main items I can think of that we’ve stopped using, with a few that are still going strong.

Harriet and Alexandra x

Buying Regrets

Unsure about this whole hat thing!

Unsure about this whole hat thing!

Today I thought I’d have a little ramble about some of the things we bought which we probably didn’t need plus things I really wish we’d bought!

I wish we’d bought…

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep: I’ve heard so much about these and seen a huge amount of people raving about theirs, but Dylan just couldn’t be persuaded this machine (which prepares a perfect temperature bottle in two minutes) was worth buying. They are pretty pricey but if you can get them on offer they’re not too bad. It just seems to easy and saves the hassle of having a crying baby while you boil water, then get it cooled back down to the right temperature. Luckily Alexandra is pretty consistent with when she wants feeding but for those times she catches us unawares and goes from fine to STARVING HUNGRY in the blink of an eye, I do wish I had one!

Isofix: This handy little device which stays in your car and enables you to pop the car seat in and out within a second is again something which we didn’t really consider buying. However, having seen people use them since and spent many a minute waiting for Alex to be strapped into the back of the car (with my hand I’m pretty useless at anything like this so it’s not normally my job!) I think they’re well worth forking out for. The only downside I guess is that it stays in your car and Alexandra tends to go in a few different cars when friends and family drive us anywhere so its use would be limited due to that.

I wish we hadn’t bought…

Hats: A lot of the hats we bought were part of a set with other items of clothing so I don’t feel too bad, but those little cotton hats which every newborn has went pretty much unworn in our house. She wore a couple the day she was born and a couple once or twice since, but I’ve got a stack of about 15 which never went near her head and never will now she’s grown out of them! However the thicker winter hats she’s got have proved much more useful and certainly will do over the coming months. Maybe it’s because she’s got so much hair and always gets compliments on it that we shied away from hat wearing!

Scratch mitts: I feel like scratch mitts are one of those items everyone tells you the baby will definitely need, however she’s never worn a pair and again I have a stack of brand new ones. In the early days she didn’t seem to go near her face and now she’s started discovering and using her hands a lot more, we’ve had a couple of scratches (before my sister kindly cut Alexandra’s nails for us!) but it seems such a shame to cover up her hands when she’s so interested in them! We didn’t even use the built-in mitts on her sleepsuits although I can see how they’d come in handy if you were using mitts and your baby had worked out how to get the loose ones off.

Next time I’ll have a little chat about the invaluable items we bought and why I love them so much! Come back on Thursday for that.

Harriet and Alexandra x