9 Months On

You forget how much they've grown until you put them next to a newborn!

You forget how much they’ve grown until you put them next to a newborn!

Three quarters of a year has passed since the lovely little human being we called Alexandra entered our lives. She turned nine months old on May 29 and what a nine months it’s been!

Alex is now moving around using a complicated system of rolls, commando crawling and odd frog hopping. Some of it looks a bit dramatic, like the end of an action film where the hero is desperately trying to crawl to safety using the last ounce of his strength before he pegs it. But still, it’s a form of movement! And no doubt proper crawling will happen very soon as she’s making huge progress every day and she gets up into the crawling position and rocks backwards and forwards.

She’s also moving between positions much more easily, trying to pull herself up from sitting to standing or lying down to sitting. It’s quite bizarre to get used to, when you’ve spent months leaving the baby in one place and coming back to see the baby in the same place and now baby can be halfway across the room in an instant.

Food wise she’s still having three bottles a day (hopefully soon to be reduced to two) and three meals. She absolutely loves food and has just got to the stage where she’ll cry if we’re eating and she’s not. She wants to eat anything and everything we’ve got and is particularly fond of oranges, yoghurt and any type of bread, but really isn’t fussy and will eat anything put in front of her. She’s also very good at drinking water out of her sippy cup too.

On the sleep front, we’re still generally getting around 12 hours from her overnight (from around 8.30pm) although sometimes she wakes for a minute or two wanting her dummy to be put in. We really can’t complain at all! In the day she tends to have around twenty minutes or so in the morning then maybe one or two naps in the afternoon, of varying lengths.

She absolutely loves going on the swings, hasn’t quite mastered the art of being gentle yet (either with mommy or her friends), still loves daddy more than anyone else in the world, doesn’t quite know what to make of her tiny cousin Zachary and is still a gummy bear with a grand total of zero teeth.

Harriet and Alexandra x

Eight Months Old

Apologies this post is a few hours late. I’ve been busy trying to tackle my to do list, which I might talk about in a future blog. I might not though. The suspense!

It's true what they say about kids and boxes.

It’s true what they say about kids and boxes.

Tomorrow, Alexandra turns eight months old. A whole two thirds of a year. Only four months away from her first birthday. This fact scares me. I want to pause time and keep her how she is now for so much longer!

So, what did month seven have in store for our intrepid little explorer? Well, Alex has taken her A-Levels, got a mortgage and next week she’s starting her new job. Maybe not, but it does feel like she’s really grown up all of a sudden.


She doesn’t want to spend much time lying down at all and so we’re doing a LOT of sitting down – she’s very good at it now and only occasionally over-balances and topples over. She’s rolling from back to front to back with ease and can get pretty much anywhere by rolling. No crawling yet but definite efforts too and with just a little more strength in her arms I can see her pushing herself up into the proper crawling position fairly soon.


Alex loves her food and so far we haven’t found anything she won’t eat. She has three meals every day and we’re now introducing snacks too to try and reduce how many bottles she has (currently four a day). She’s regularly eating what we eat (but blended into lumps) for dinner and is getting much better with finger food. Before she’d just gum it and nothing much would happen but she’s now learning how to eat stuff properly.


Alexandra has definitely developed her range of noises. She says ‘dada’ a lot – but I don’t think she’s associated the word with Dylan yet so I’m still saying it’s babbling rather than her first words. We also get sounds like ‘yeah’ and ‘nana’. Oh and so many squeals of excitement! We find she talks more when it’s quiet or she’s in the house, whereas if we’re out and it’s noisy she talks much less.


No teeth yet, still a little gummy bear.
18lb 11.5oz at her last weigh-in last week.
Still wearing 6-9m clothes but I’m not sure she’ll last all month in them!
Favourite toy: Lamby (predictably, he’s a lamb).
Swimming beautifully (she really knows what she’s doing with her arms and legs, once she can float by herself she’ll be off!) and even diving in off the side (with a little assistance)!

All in all, I think we’ll keep her for another month.

Harriet and Alexandra x

Seven Months Later

How to add to your child's cuteness: 1. Dress them up in hilarious outfit. Extra points if seasonal. 2. Make them hold a teddy and grin like a loon.

How to add to your child’s cuteness:
1. Dress them up in hilarious outfit. Extra points if seasonal.
2. Make them hold a teddy and grin like a loon.

Well here we are, seven months into this epic journey today. Alexandra is basically a grown up now and we expect her to be moving out and getting a job any time soon.

There’s been a lot happening this month, most of which I’ve already documented in some form or another on this blog, but let’s repeat because I’m a big fan of forgetting what I’ve told people and saying it again and watching them roll their eyes at me. She’s now in her own nursery, being a big girl in her big girl bed. We’ve mastered sleeping through the night in her own room (I say we, I still don’t sleep through the night, but she does). The general pattern now is she’ll go down anywhere between 8 and 9pm and will maybe wake once for the dummy to be put in before getting up for the day around 7.30/8am.

Dummy wise she now consistently goes to sleep without it but does want it to get back off to sleep if she wakes in the early hours. We’d started trying to wean her off it a little for daytime naps but then she got a cold (again!) so it seemed mean to deprive her of something which helps her sleep much more easily. I don’t think we’re doing too bad to only have it in for naps and a couple of hours in the morning, but this is something I want to cut down on in the coming months.

Weaning is the topic of an upcoming post so I won’t talk about that at all here, I’m sure the suspense will kill you all but basically the gist of it is the baby now eats mushy stuff.

We’re getting much better at sitting (again I’m using the wrong pronoun. I am fabulous at sitting down and have been for a while), up to about ten minutes unaided but only if she’s occupied doing something else. I think she has ‘stabilisers syndrome’ (where the kid is riding along quite happily after mom/dad has let go of the bike which no longer has stabilisers on, but as soon as they realise no one’s holding the bike up they fall over dramatically) as she’ll topple to the side or face plant pretty soon if she doesn’t have something to hold/play with/focus on when she’s sitting up. She’s rolling from back to front all the time now and manages to scoot around in her cot with ease. She still doesn’t go from front to back so when she’s on her tummy she just bleats helplessly until someone comes and rescues her.

Mainly, she wants to bounce ALL THE FREAKING TIME. Honestly, I’m thinking of sending the people who make the jumparoo some money to thank them for all the babysitting their device has done for me. It’s a magic miracle worker, designed to let any tired mother catch their breath or, you know, eat/make an effort at cleaning something in the house. If she’s not in that, then most the time she’s bouncing up and down on anyone foolish enough to hold her. My thighs look like mouldy pears they’re so bruised from being jumped up and down on repeatedly. It’s a fun look.

Apart from that, she’s still got a super cute face designed to let her off the hook in any and every situation. I really like her, probably more this month than any of the previous ones (am I allowed to say that?)

Harriet and Alexandra x

Alexandra’s Half Birthday

Pretending to be a grown up and standing up and stuff!

Pretending to be a grown up and standing up and stuff!

Yesterday, my lovely baby turned six months old. Jeez, a whole half year (if that’s not too much of an oxymoron!) Where has the time gone?

Alexandra can…

Roll over (when she feels like it)

Make a whole load of noises which sound like words (she has a brilliant habit of saying ‘hi’ repeatedly to people)

Hold her own bottle (again when she feels like it)

Gnaw on a range of veggies (more on her introduction to weaning soon)

Pull her socks off and chew them until they’re soggy

Kick her legs in the swimming pool or when she’s on her tummy to try and move herself along

Reach the floor in her jumparoo now without anything placed underneath it

Alexandra loves…

Her daddy, her little friends and just spending time with people in general!

Putting everything in her mouth

Bath time and swimming

Going out in the pram

An afternoon nap

Miss Polly Had a Dolly, Wheels On The Bus and Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Alexandra is…

Well over 15lb

68cm long at last measure

Using her new ‘big girl’ car seat which she’ll be in til she’s four

Still in our room but likely to move into the nursery very soon

Always being praised for being so content and such a happy little girly!

Harriet and Alexandra x

All Change, All Change

In her big girl 6-9m clothes!

I’ve decided this sort of age (five/six months) is a bittersweet one. So many people comment that it’s a fantastic age and that’s true – they get so active and they’re lovely and smiley and giggly so in many ways it’s much nicer than the newborn days when they couldn’t really react to you in the same way. But equally, it’s also a time when so many things change and I’m not sure I’m ready for that!

Wardrobe: I’ve recently cleared out all of Alexandra’s three to six month clothes and put them away ready to be given away to a tinier tot. She’s now in her six to nine month clothes which just seems to be a huge number. ‘Six to nine’?! Eek.

Sitting and crawling: We haven’t had complete ‘success’ on either of these fronts yet but Alex is trying very hard with both. She’ll sit (but lent very far forward) for a few seconds but eventually she tips over one way or another. When she goes on her tummy, she pulls her legs up under her and moves them, but she doesn’t lift the top half of her torso off the floor and it doesn’t seem like her arms are quite strong enough to completely do it. Either way, she’ll soon be doing both.

Pushchair: Alex is pretty much growing out of the carrycot section of her pram. We’ll be buying a stroller soon for her to go out and about in.

Own room: Similarly, she’s nearly too big for her Moses basket and six months is the standard ‘accepted’ time to be moving baby out of your room into a nursery. As we get nearer and nearer to that point I get more and more nervous! I don’t want her to leave our room as I’ve got so used to her being there and it signifies a big step for me.


So my baby isn’t a newborn anymore! She’s learning new tasks daily. She does exciting things. And each day I feel hugely proud of her but at the same time feel sad that she’ll never be my tiny little tiddler anymore! Being a parent is so joyful and so sorrowful all at once.

Harriet and Alexandra x

Five Months Old


Tomorrow our little poppet will be five months old – really not that far off her half-birthday! Although it seems like a billion years ago I gave birth and so many things have happened since, it’s also incredible to think she’s not a little tiny newborn anymore.

This month she seems to be learning new things every day and she’s also changed physically quite a lot – getting chunkier, losing hair and looking very different facially. She hardly ever rolls although we know she can do it, but she’s obsessed by hands – both her own and other people’s – and is now starting to reach out and grab her feet, also spending a lot of time with her legs straight up in the air as she likes to look at her toes!

We’ve been swimming a few times which she’s really enjoyed, nosing at other people as well as kicking away in the water. She’s also now in the ‘big bath’ in a little seat so she gets to splash around a lot and sometimes daddy gets in the bath with her too! We’re in no hurry to wean so she’s still exclusively on milk, now taking 210ml five times a day.

Her routine sees her wake around 8.30am for her first feed, then having three more spaced throughout the day, with bedtime starting any time after 7pm. She’s normally asleep by around 8.30pm so doing a solid 12 hours with a couple of naps in the day. Sometimes she hardly naps for a couple of days but then she seems to need to catch up and has a very sleepy day.

We’re taking the train a lot and getting out and about more, seeing her NCT friends and their mommies most weeks now which is really lovely for both of us. Alexandra still absolutely adores her daddy! But she’s started to get a little more cuddly with me too which is brilliant.

She’s still in 3-6m clothes and is 14lb 15oz – remaining on the 50th centile! She’s loving ‘talking’ to us and does lots of what sounds like singing, especially in the morning. Alex is still in her moses basket in our room, which is fine as she rarely stirs in the night and if she does she only wants her dummy replaced.

That probably covers the main points! Can’t believe next time I do an update she’ll be six months.

Harriet and Alexandra x

Four Months Old


I can hardly believe it but the tiny little newborn placed into my arms seconds after birth turned four months old on December 29. She’s been a delight from the start but she’s really starting to have much more of a personality now! Sometimes we wake up in the morning to the chirpy little sounds of her lay in her moses basket chatting away to herself. It’s honestly the cutest thing. Then when we go to pick her up she gives the widest toothless grin in the world.

Speaking of teeth, Alexandra is really starting to teethe now. A very red cheek and tonnes of dribble are constants now and anything which comes within grabbing distance is put in the mouth and gummed enthusiastically. Her hand-eye co-ordination is fab and she’s now learned to take her dummy in and out of her mouth, although she has a habit of taking it out, throwing it and then crying for someone to put it back in!

Her favourite things this month are being out and about in her sling, the jumparoo, daddy (she’s a real daddy’s girl) and grabbing people’s hair. Her balance is improving and we’ve had a couple of seconds of sitting by herself so hopefully next month I’ll be reporting that she can now sit on her own, she’s got a wide variety of sounds and is using a lot of Gs and she’s also sleeping for around 11-12 hours at night with five bottles in the day.

So here’s to month five with our little lady!

Harriet and Alexandra x

Three Months On!


I can hardly believe it but my little girl is three months old today – in some ways it feels like years since the day I gave birth (and hasn’t SO much happened since!) but in other ways it’s gone in the blink of an eye and I can’t believe how big she is. Had things been a little more ‘normal’ I would have done one and two month updates but as it is this is the first and hopefully I’ll keep it going to track her development.

Alexandra can roll from her back to her front (well she’s done it once!), smile and giggle, she’s noticing her hands and feet a lot more now and her hand/eye co-ordination is getting really good, she recognises people she sees a lot and definitely knows our voices. She absolutely loves ‘Mr Owl’ – a little jingly owl that is currently hanging off her baby gym, one of her favourite places to be. Everyone comments how alert she is and how well she holds her head up, she’s trying to sit up and is very nosy and likes to be where she can see everything going on. Her absolute favourite things are lights, she spends a ridiculous amount of time each day staring at lights – if we take her somewhere with loads she won’t even acknowledge we’re there as she’s too busy looking!

She’s only recently got into a routine since I got out of hospital as obviously everything was very changeable each day beforehand. Now she wakes around 6am for her morning feed and then either goes back into her moses basket for another sleep or on Tuesdays and Thursdays when Dylan takes her to the childminder she comes into the bed for a chat with me before she goes. She’s there on a Tuesday and a Thursday at the moment but gradually as I get better that’ll reduce so she’ll be with me full time. She tends to feed again at around 10/10.30am, 3/3.30pm and 6/6.30pm and then daddy comes home! He does the last feed which can be anywhere between about 9 and 10.30 and then she generally sleeps through until the morning.

So far (fingers crossed) she’s a very calm and contented little lady. She’s had to adapt to being looked after by a few different people so she’s very good with new faces and generally she only complains when she’s hungry or overtired (baby logic is great – I’m going to moan and cry for 15 minutes because I’m so tired instead of just going to sleep!). She hasn’t been weighed for a couple of weeks but must be 12lb something by now and is just about to outgrow most of her 0-3m stuff so we’ll be starting the process of packing them away (so sad!) and hanging up her 3-6m stuff soon.

Overall she’s a brilliant baby (I’d mark her 10/10 for the last three months. Well done Alexandra, you’ve passed your probation and can stay on with us as your parents permanently! Haha) and of course the cutest bambino ever made!

Harriet and Alexandra x (I still haven’t got used to typing that instead of ‘Harriet and bump’ which I signed off all my pregnancy blog posts with)

The Week That Was: Week 30.

I look like I'm carrying a fully-grown adult in this picture, never mind a baby!

I look like I’m carrying a fully-grown adult in this picture, never mind a baby!

So here we are, I’m 31 weeks pregnant today. I feel quite heavily pregnant already which is a little laughable when you think I could have up to 11 weeks left to go if baby girl is lazy and goes overdue!

The main thing for me this week has been sickness, I think I probably mentioned in last week’s update that the damn morning sickness curse had struck again. I haven’t really been sick but have been feeling quite nauseous at different times and have even turned down dinner once or twice this week – something I’ve never done in my life apart from in those awful first few weeks way back in my first trimester! I should (and do) feel very grateful that at least I got a break from the sickness during the second part of my pregnancy – but I’d feel more grateful if I wasn’t writing this feeling like I was about to yak up on the keyboard!

I’ve spent a lot of time resting in bed this week, but probably less time napping, so I don’t know if that’s a sign my tiredness has peaked or whether it’s just because I’ve hardly been doing anything. I do feel guilty, as if I should be packing some sort of activity into every second of the day, but then I think in a matter of weeks my life is going to completely change and it kind of makes sense to be as relaxed as I can be now ahead of all of that. Plus we’re less than eight weeks away from the wedding so keeping off my feet as much as possible to avoid swollen ankles has got to be a good thing right?

On Tuesday I’ll officially be seven months pregnant (although some people base it on how many weeks they are, which would make me eight months next Sunday, I’ve been going on the actual day of the month and thus the 13th is my ‘monthiversary’) – I’ll check back in on Sunday for an update!

Harriet and bump x