Babies At Weddings

A few weeks ago we were invited to the first wedding we’d attended since having two children. In fact, the last wedding we’d been to before that was our own way back in September. In terms of kids, that one was a breeze because my parents were in charge of Alexandra pretty much all day and of course everyone wanted to cuddle her and spend time with her. In fact, I remember a few people commenting in the following weeks how quickly she’d got up on her feet when they saw her toddling round – she’d actually been walking by the time we got married but hadn’t had the chance to show off cause she was being cuddled so much!

Fast forward to this June and we had a toddler and a newborn to contend with. At the church, we decided to take one child each and I’d packed a big bag full of toys and snacks to keep Alex occupied. While we waited for the bride she was golden and I thought we’d done really well until the second after the bridal party had arrived when Alexandra suddenly decided she didn’t want to be in there anymore. That meant I missed the entire ceremony while walking around the grounds with her. Dylan reported Max had also been a little unsettled inside.

Later at the hotel we missed some of the drinks reception as I was expressing and we needed to feed Max and change nappies etc. At the meal, I watched as my starter was taken away uneaten as I’d been feeding the baby while everyone else ate. Alex had become restless at times but luckily the bride’s uni friends were on our table and were fab with her, she played games with them all and watched Peppa Pig on one of their phones.

So altogether while we’d had a lovely day, it was pretty full on! We were wondering what the evening would bring but luckily Max slept in between feeds and Alexandra LOVED it. She danced until 11.15pm bless her. We then had to contend with both of them in the same room which had never happened before so baby woke toddler who ended up in our bed for the first time ever. I expressed late in the evening and decided not to overnight due to the possibility of waking everyone up but ended up sat on the bathroom floor early morning as I was about to explode!

The next day was much easier, Alex seemed fairly well rested considering she’d had nowhere near enough sleep and enjoyed a big breakfast and a swim. As I recall there was a bit of crying as we got into the car but both babies soon zonked out as soon as we started the journey home.

I think my summary is that toddlers don’t like behaving themselves by sitting in churches or waiting for meals – but they do love running around like a lunatic chasing lights on the dance floor at the evening reception!

Congratulations Jordan and Tom and thanks for having all of us at your special day!

Harriet, Alexandra and Max x

The Wedding: Baby Logistics

Flower girls Alexandra and my goddaughter Izzy.

Flower girls Alexandra and my goddaughter Izzy.

You might have noticed things have been a little slack around here of late. A huge reason for that is myself and Dylan got married at the weekend! Finally husband and wife after an epic journey to get to that point. I’d like to do a post or two about the wedding and one of the things I’d like to concentrate on, considering this is a baby blog, is the logistics of having a small child when you’re planning a wedding.

The first time round (quick summary: booked our wedding in November 2014 for the following September, found out planned pregnancy had happened quicker than expected in January 2015, brought the honeymoon forward to May 2015, decided to leave the wedding up to fate so could either have a huge bump or tiny baby there, ended up cancelling two days before due to me being poorly, re-booked for September 24, 2016), we were fairly positive I’d just have a big bump so there would be nothing to worry about apart from potentially my waters breaking. Had we had Alexandra early but still been able to go ahead with the wedding, I have no idea how it would have gone but I guess we would have got through somehow!

This time, we knew we would have a one-year-old with us during the day and that of course presented extra logistical difficulties. It also made it even more special too! In the end it all went amazingly and although we’ve had a very tired baby to deal with for the rest of the weekend, she coped excellently with the day. She was up two hours earlier than normal and only napped once, meaning she was awake from 6.30am to 11am then 12pm to around 9.30pm before finally going to sleep and waking up for the last half an hour.

Having been there and done it, I’d say the most successful things we did were:
– Taking her booster seat with us so she could sit in between my parents during the meal. We asked them in advance to help feed her so we didn’t have to worry about it!
– Also taking one of those long sleeved bibs with us so none of her dinner got on her dress.
– Taking a spare dress with us. I was really surprised that she lasted until about 8.30ish in her original dress. I hadn’t actually held her all day cause she was with all our family and friends but about 20 seconds after I picked her up for the first time, she was sick all down her dress. Luckily we’d taken a spare and equally luckily, she wasn’t sick on my dress (I hadn’t got a spare!).
– Having the pram with us. She dropped off to sleep in it in the corner of the marquee and my dad very kindly kept an eye on her while she was napping. It also worked well cause it meant when she was getting a little grumpy pre-nap, people could push her round in it to soothe her.
– Toys! We had an activity case full of different toys and a games area outside so not only was Alex kept occupied, all the other little ones there were too.
– We’d originally planned to keep her in with us at the hotel on the night but she ended up sleeping in my mom’s room which was great as it meant we could chat all about the day when we got back rather than worrying about waking her up talking. Then in the morning we had the chance to pack up the room which was full of various people’s make up, toiletries etc from getting ready the day before – without small hands grabbing stuff left, right and centre!

Overall I think the prospect of having a one-year-old at your wedding was a lot more daunting than the reality and she had a whale of a time with all our friends and family!

Harriet and Alexandra x