Take Two: Week 29

Alex has been spending a lot of time practising how to look after a baby. It’s going well…

So here we are, into week 30 and reflecting back on week 29. Less than seven weeks left now til induction. I’ve just quickly read back by week 29 post from my pregnancy with Alexandra (you can read it here if you like) and the summary was the morning sickness was back, I was really tired and it was my birthday that week.

Well I’m happy to report that I’m not feeling sick at all this time round in the third trimester (so far) and clearly, it wasn’t my birthday this week! As for tiredness, I don’t think I’m as bad as I was last time – then I was getting up mid morning, needing a nap in the afternoon and feeling wiped in the evenings. Now Alex, working and various other commitments just don’t allow for that. It is getting more of a struggle to go out and do things, and I’m definitely starting to notice the bump slowing me down a bit now. But by and large we’ve been continuing life as normal here at the EE house.

My last lot of blood results have come back within normal range which is obviously great and there’s no concerns at the moment about myself or baby. He’s very active, a lot more so than I remember Alexandra being, and his little kicks and rolls are now becoming really obvious both on the outside and the inside. Alex was head down, ready to exit for basically the entire time but this one is in a different position every time I get measured.

We think we’ve finalised his name. For a long time we were scouring through boys’ names trying to find ones we both loved. Eventually we settled back on the name we would have used for Alexandra had she been a boy, but were looking for a longer version of it (so he would have a long name on his birth certificate and use either that or the nickname day to day, like we do with Alexandra/Alex) and we weren’t really set on any of them. So we think we’re just going to use the short one as it’s a name in itself and we don’t see the point of giving him a full name he never uses.

Nothing else to report at this stage, which is always reassuring!

Harriet, Alexandra and bump x


The Week That Was: Week 32

We hit this milestone yesterday!

We hit this milestone yesterday!

Another week down and just seven to go until baby’s due date! We’re now under 50 days until September 13 but of course she could be two weeks late so it’s not a guarantee!

This week we’ve been buying/given a lot of things. Her nursery is starting to look really complete now! The furniture (minus the cot which will be painted soon) has been assembled and in place for quite a while but it’s the lovely little additions like the bunting we got this week which are making it look ready for our little girl. I will definitely be posting about the nursery nearer the time but want to wait til the cot goes in to make it really look finished before I do.

We also picked up our travel system on Friday – one of our very lovely friends sold us theirs which looks brand new and parts of it have hardly been used so we were really pleased to have the chance to get something so lovely at such a good price. I’m looking forward to finding out how to use it all and fit the car seat etc. Our friend had also been collecting loads of tiny clothes for us so it was like Christmas when we got home having a look through them all. The stuff is all absolutely gorgeous! She’s definitely a lucky girl and I can’t wait to have her try on the outfits when she’s here.

The last thing we gained this week were a pair of handmade little shoes for her! They were made by a colleague of Dylan’s and given to him on his last day at his old job – they are absolutely beautiful, so much so I might frame them when she’s too big for them.

Pregnancy wise things are pretty much as normal this week – I say normal, I mean normal for when you’re carrying round another human inside you! Lots of kicks, rolls and punches, she’s definitely got a bit bigger as her legs now stretch right up my torso although thankfully she’s still leaving my ribs fairly unkicked. I’ve been sick a couple of times this week which hasn’t been great but not a surprise as I’ve been feeling so nauseous on and off for the past few weeks.

Join me next week for a 33 week review!

Harriet and bump x

The First Trimester


Pregnancy – isn’t it a wonderful glowy fantastic time? Your hair will look great, your skin will be amazing, your bump will blossom and seat neatly on the rest of your body which hasn’t sagged/grown horrendously/broken in some way. Oh except for the last few months when you’re carrying an actual fully-formed baby which could be 10lbs (basically a constant gym workout for you, for free). Of course the middle bit might not be that fantastic either. Ain’t that the truth.

But before you even get to discover if you’re going to be one of those annoyingly attractive pregnancy ladies, you have the delights of the first trimester to look forward to. I think before I was pregnant I had barely even thought about what life might be like while a human formed inside my uterus. Of course, I knew you could get morning sickness, I knew my own mom hadn’t had the greatest time carrying me around, but I hadn’t really sat down and deeply pondered what it might be like.

And so it hit me much like a train. Or someone punching me repeatedly. Or any number of things that involve pain, sickness, tiredness etc. I’m sorry. I could sugar coat it, I could say it was fantastic and I really enjoyed it. But I’d be lying and what’s the point of that? (I’m not actually trying to put anyone off and obviously having a baby is pretty spectacularly amazing so there’s got to be some downsides to it right?)

For three months I chucked up all the time. More than once, I vommed because of the thought of a particular food. I couldn’t drink my beloved Diet Coke (still can’t at 18+1) or anything warm (miss you hot chocolate!). An evening meal was a no no.

The main thing I found was how instant my body started being. That probably doesn’t make much sense – allow me to explain. Before, I’d feel a bit tired, then a bit more tired, then gradually get to the point of needing to be asleep. Or I’d feel a bit hungry and gradually, hours later if I hadn’t eaten, would be ravenous. As soon as bumpy came to inhabit my world, I was fine then BAM asleep. Fine then BAM feed me now or I will eat my own arm, and yours too probably.

Thankfully I’d say week 11 was the worst in terms of sickness and after that it reduced slowly to around once a week. The tiredness however is much more persistent. Free punches for anyone who points out I won’t be getting much sleep after the baby’s born!

Harriet and bump x