Questions For My Toddler

Toddlers are an alien entity. They can communicate fairly effectively with us using a complicated system of words, sounds that aren’t quite words, nods, shakes, pointing and generally stamping their feet until they get what they want. Nevertheless, I have many questions I’d like to ask Alexandra on a daily basis, and I wish I could live inside her head for a while to fathom out exactly what goes on in there. For now I have recorded some of these questions here, in the hope she might remember in a few years about some of the things she did as a toddler, and I can finally get some answers!

  • Why are you not delighted when given the opportunity to nap in the day? I would be.
  • Why is my food better than yours, even if it’s exactly the same?
  • Is Mr Tumble REALLY that entertaining?
  • Where is your radar which attracts you to expensive, breakable things and how can I switch it off?
  • Why do you feel the need to go to the toilet 20 seconds after I’ve changed you? Is it the same reason as cats pooing in a fresh litter tray?
  • Have you ever considered just sitting still occasionally?
  • Does the TV look better standing with your face three centimetres from the screen? Are we all missing a trick sitting across the room on a sofa?
  • Why do you wake up incredibly late on days we need to go somewhere (even later if we’re relying on you as our alarm clock) and early on days where we have no plans?
  • What’s the obsession with taking your shoes off as soon as we get in the car? Why, if you don’t want them on in the car, do you present them to me to put them on your feet as we’re leaving the house?
  • Why are you so adorable?

Harriet, Alexandra and bump x

Q&A First Few Months of Motherhood

Alexandra and Zachary

Alexandra and Zachary

You may have noticed if you’ve read a few of my posts that my sister Henrietta had a baby in May this year. Zachary is now nearly five months old and, as we did a question and answer post while Henrietta was pregnant, we thought it was time to update on her experience of motherhood so far.

How would you sum up your first few months of being a mother?
Tiring, lots of crying and lots of poo! But great overall.

What’s been the biggest surprise for you in terms of becoming a parent?
I feel like I sort of knew what to expect because of being around a newborn baby a lot when Alex was born. I prepared myself for the worst of everything and so far there’s not been any massive issues with him so I don’t think anything came as a massive shock to me.

Zachary was diagnosed as having silent reflux when he was six weeks old, what advice would you give to parents who think their child might have it?
Don’t delay getting them checked out. When we noticed there was something wrong, we went to get him checked within 48 hours. You know yourself if there’s something up and they’re not going to turn you away because you know your baby best and you know if there’s a problem. Also don’t trust everything you see on Google, they will be fine!

What’s been the best thing so far?
Smiles and laughs! Also newborn cuddles.

What did you buy which you’d recommend for any prospective parents?
The Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep has 100 per cent been the best thing. At night time, it makes everything so much easier. You don’t have to put up with a screaming baby for long. Also the bouncer we got, the Baby Bjorn one, was quite expensive and he didn’t really like it at first but now he does it gives you five minutes to get on with jobs you want to do as he’s quite happy to sit in there for a while. And muslin cloths. We’ve bought loads and they’ve been a daily essential.

When we talked about your pregnancy in a post back in January (here), you said you thought people treated you differently because you’re fairly young. Have you found this to be true since having him?
I think a little bit, more from older people to be honest. When we go to get him weighed or see midwives or health professionals they always comment how well he’s doing and that we’re doing a good job with him; so I think that proves you don’t have to be older to do well. I do sometimes miss the freedom I had before but I’ve got a good support network to have Zach when I’m ready to start going out again without him.

Harriet and Alexandra (and Henrietta and Zachary!) x