Take Two: The First Trimester

I’m writing this at the start of November at 14+6 so almost a week into my second trimester, but due to ‘announcement’ timings will be a few weeks further on before it gets published, just to clear up any confusion if I’m referring to being further along in other posts.

Back in April 2015, I wrote a blog about how I’d found the first trimester of my pregnancy with Alexandra (you can read it here). In it, I spoke a lot about tiredness and sickness and I sound generally like a very grumpy pregnancy lady (I was about 18 weeks when I wrote it). So when it comes to an update about this pregnancy and how the first trimester has been, it’s refreshing to be able to confirm it’s completely different!

We found out at five weeks, around the same time as we confirmed we were pregnant with Alex and, as before, I started feeling quite sick around that time (including a few actual vomit episodes. If you’ve ever been crouched over a toilet bowl chucking your guts up with a toddler stood next to you crying then I feel your pain!). I thought here we go again! But actually about a week later I stopped feeling sick and I’ve barely vommed since. Hurrah!

Food wise I haven’t had weird aversions like last time. Mostly with Alex I was disappointed I suddenly hated the thought of Diet Coke despite drinking it religiously beforehand. I’ve never actually gone back to drinking it so we don’t have that to contend with now.

I am always tired of course, but show me a toddler mom who isn’t! Luckily I’ve definitely got more energy than last time round. I don’t know whether it’s a baby gender thing, just because it’s a different pregnancy, because I’m on meds this time, or just because life decided I didn’t need two shitty first trimesters, but whatever it is I’m full of gratitude.

Obviously the first 14 weeks were a little more medicalised than last time. With Alexandra by this point I’d had one booking in appointment and one scan, with baby two I’ve had three scans, two booking in appointments, two haematology appointments, one cardiology appointment, one echocardiogram, one ECG, one rheumatology and obstetrics appointment and about ten blood tests. And this list is set to increase weekly during the second trimester. But clearly for good reasons.

 There’s not a whole lot else to report but I’ll definitely update at some point during the second trimester.

Harriet, Alexandra and bump x

The Week That Was: Week 36

Bump at 36+4

Bump at 36+4

Time really is racing on now and I feel like these posts come much quicker than once a week! Today I’m excitingly classed as term although we could still have another five weeks to wait. I’ve still not been feeling 100% with headaches and problems with my ears but thankfully haven’t had to go back to hospital and the issue does seem to be getting better. Really hoping by next week it will all be a distant memory!

I had my 36 week appointment with the midwife this Wednesday and she’s happy with the way everything is going – bump is measuring 37cm (thankfully the 32cm measured by one of the midwives at the hospital last weekend seems to have been an anomaly!) and she is still head down and is now 4/5ths engaged. I’m very pleased she’s still in the right position as it would be pretty annoying for her to have moved now having been head down for the last few months.

As to whether being engaged will mean she’ll make an early appearance, no one can really tell – but (and a massive part of this is due to the wedding being less than two weeks away now!) I’m more than happy for her to stay put for the time being. I’ve seen lots of expectant mothers get to 37 weeks (considered ‘term’) and then start doing everything they can from gulping down whole pineapples to walking miles to get the baby out. But right now my focus is on having an amazing wedding day! I think it’s an excellent distraction from just how massively pregnant I am. Of course I’m not saying that come 39 weeks when I’ll be a married lady that I won’t then be desperate to induce labour and not go overdue!

Physically I’m still feeling tired and very cumbersome at the moment but I wouldn’t say it’s got any worse in the last couple of weeks. I have been having all sorts of odd sensations though – which I believe are as a result of her dropping down and engaging. I could definitely tell she was lower down and there’s a lot of pressure and movement which sometimes isn’t fun. It’s got to the point where some of the kicks and rolls are quite painful as she’s got a fair amount of weight behind her now! But it’s not long to go until I’ll be watching her kick and move around outside my belly and not inside!

Harriet and bump x

Massive Milestones


These baby milestone cards seem to be all the rage these days – with people getting them so they can document not only age milestones (one week old, one month old etc) but also other events like first smile, sitting up unaided and so on. We haven’t got any yet although I think they’d be really lovely to have for photos – but seeing them so often got me thinking a little bit about what milestones I’m most looking forward to in the first weeks of our baby’s life.

First daddy cuddle – I absolutely cannot wait to see Dylan hold our little girl for the first time! I think I’m almost as excited to see that as I am to cuddle her myself. I just think it’s going to be one of those magical moments you remember forever.

First night at home – I’m actually dreading having to stay in hospital after the birth, even though loads of people have told me they really benefitted from being there for a couple of days. Maybe I’ll feel differently when she’s here and really want that professional support on hand but right now I’m looking forward to her coming home for that first night where it’s the three of us together – no matter how exhausting it might be!

Meeting my goddaughter – Of course I can’t wait for her to meet my entire family and all my friends too, but my goddaughter is almost four and the way she talks about the baby is so cute! Seeing them meet for the first time is definitely going to melt my heart.

First swim – Both myself and Dylan are definitely water fans – we love swimming, both have sailing qualifications and Dyl is also a regular diver. So for us it’s important to take our little one swimming and get her used to the water as soon as possible! We hope she’s going to be a little water baby and as she already has three swimming costumes she’s definitely got the gear already!

Harriet and bump x

The Week That Was: Week 35

35+5 bump

35+5 bump

Apologies for a very late update this week. It hasn’t been the best of weeks health-wise although it could have been a lot worse and thankfully baby is absolutely fine. In my update last week I spoke about the pesky ear infection which had invaded my life completely uninvited, unfortunately it’s been lingering on this week too and that’s resulted in two hospital visits over the weekend.

I started getting really blurred vision and dizziness yesterday so called up the day assessment unit and they asked me to come and get checked over. Everything was fine with the little one but after three and a half hours of being monitored and waiting around for doctors etc I was definitely feeling worse for wear. They wanted me to stay in but weren’t actually going to monitor me overnight, I was just meant to have a blood test and then wait for the ear, nose and throat doctors to visit me this morning. Instead I decided going home would be much more beneficial to try and get some sleep – and to let poor Dylan sleep as he wasn’t well either and it was nearly 11pm by this point.

So we went back this morning and eventually after another four hours got prescribed some stuff by the ENT doctors which will hopefully shift the fluid which has apparently built up behind my ear and is causing the pressure and headaches in the left side of my head.

Thankfully I also got the bump remeasured – the midwife yesterday measured me as 32cm which is obviously behind what I should be and is also lower than I’ve been measuring for a few weeks. Cue the need for a growth scan, both myself and Dylan were puzzled wondering how the bump could have shrunk?! But this morning a different midwife got 37cm which is perfectly fine and thus she was happy to cancel the scan and let me see my own community midwife on Wednesday to be measured again.

Apart from that, baby is moving well and her heartbeat is alway super loud and strong which is very reassuring. We bought her a baby bouncer this week but other than that I haven’t really done much cause I’ve felt so rotten! I’m hoping to write next week’s update feeling much brighter.

See you on Sunday when I’ll be term!

Harriet and bump x

The Week That Was: Week 34


This week has been a pretty rough one but thankfully nothing to do with my pregnancy, which has been progressing well. On Tuesday I felt a little bit ropey and by Wednesday afternoon that had turned into a full on viral ear infection which is still plaguing me now. Thanks to being up the duff there’s very little I can do or take to alleviate the symptoms which are mainly horrible pain all up the side of my face – also if it was a bacterial infection I could have antibiotics but they won’t work for the viral kind. Typical!

So I’ve been having regular paracetamol – even though it’s safe I’ve tried not to take any during my pregnancy so this is only the third time (first was when I saw a doctor fairly early on in the pregnancy for what turned out to be ligament pain and second was when I got bitten in Thailand) that I’ve taken any painkillers but I’m struggling even with them so I can’t really go without.

I managed to get out and about on Wednesday before it had really got bad to see my NCT antenatal class friends, plus the one baby who’s been born so far which was lovely especially as I got to have a cuddle with him. Then yesterday it was time for my hen do which had been organised by my best friend and chief bridesmaid Manda. I was so annoyed it happened to fall on the week I’ve been poorly but I had a lovely time regardless! I’m going to do a separate post on having a hen do so pregnant!

Apart from that I have very little to report pregnancy-wise, a very active baby making sure she does plenty of kicks and rolls!

See you next week when I’ll be just a week away from being term! Eek!

Harriet and bump x

The Week That Was: Week 33

Teddy enjoying the sunshine!

Teddy enjoying the sunshine!

It seems a little surreal writing about my 33rd week of pregnancy – the weeks are flying by now and there’s barely more than 40 days left (or 50 if I go overdue), but at the same time I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever and can’t wait for her to actually be here now.

This week I went for a routine appointment with the midwife which again showed everything was good – you know if you’re feeling regular movements that’s a great sign but I always get a little moment of worry as I walk to the doctor’s wondering how it will go, especially this week as my appointment happened to coincide with Dylan being in London for the day training with his new job. But thankfully, my wee/blood pressure were fine, her heart rate is spot on and I’m just waiting on the results of my (probably) final blood test during pregnancy.

Movement wise she has been one active baby this week! It started early in the week when I looked down and happened to catch a humongous belly shift – she had been lying head down with back along my left side. I was pretty convinced she’d settled in a more ‘straight down the middle’ position and for the following two/three days I had horrendous rib pain. I wondered if they might actually be broken! Every time I breathed/coughed/yawned/sneezed/walked I was almost crying. It wasn’t good. Her position with her bum wedged right up in my ribcage was confirmed on Wednesday by the midwife. I was not a happy bunny! I mean, top marks to her for being in the right position but definitely points deducted for GBH!

Thankfully she appears to have shifted down a little and my ribs are a little freer now, although I’m now getting all sorts of odd sensations quite low down which feel like she’s karate chopping her way out of there. Trying to keep a straight face when in public and suffering blows to your lady bits is pretty hard sometimes!

I am definitely absolutely huge right now. I look down sometimes and think ‘ooh the bump’s not actually that big’ but then I catch a glimpse of myself sideways in a mirror and wonder how I’m not actually breaking the furniture when I sit down on it.

Social-wise, I signed up for a baby sensory class which was really weird as they emailed me saying ‘*baby’s name* is now booked on to *class details*’ which made me giggle slightly. She’s definitely a 21st century baby getting e-mails while she’s still in the womb. And I saw the lovely ladies from my NCT class this week too, plus the first baby to be born out of the group who is absolutely adorable! It does slightly bring it home that we will have one of our very own super soon.

Other highlights of the week: finishing the hospital bag (blog post about that scheduled for August 13) and having a practice session of putting the car seat in the car (who makes these things, seriously?!)

Harriet and bump x

The Week That Was: Week 32

We hit this milestone yesterday!

We hit this milestone yesterday!

Another week down and just seven to go until baby’s due date! We’re now under 50 days until September 13 but of course she could be two weeks late so it’s not a guarantee!

This week we’ve been buying/given a lot of things. Her nursery is starting to look really complete now! The furniture (minus the cot which will be painted soon) has been assembled and in place for quite a while but it’s the lovely little additions like the bunting we got this week which are making it look ready for our little girl. I will definitely be posting about the nursery nearer the time but want to wait til the cot goes in to make it really look finished before I do.

We also picked up our travel system on Friday – one of our very lovely friends sold us theirs which looks brand new and parts of it have hardly been used so we were really pleased to have the chance to get something so lovely at such a good price. I’m looking forward to finding out how to use it all and fit the car seat etc. Our friend had also been collecting loads of tiny clothes for us so it was like Christmas when we got home having a look through them all. The stuff is all absolutely gorgeous! She’s definitely a lucky girl and I can’t wait to have her try on the outfits when she’s here.

The last thing we gained this week were a pair of handmade little shoes for her! They were made by a colleague of Dylan’s and given to him on his last day at his old job – they are absolutely beautiful, so much so I might frame them when she’s too big for them.

Pregnancy wise things are pretty much as normal this week – I say normal, I mean normal for when you’re carrying round another human inside you! Lots of kicks, rolls and punches, she’s definitely got a bit bigger as her legs now stretch right up my torso although thankfully she’s still leaving my ribs fairly unkicked. I’ve been sick a couple of times this week which hasn’t been great but not a surprise as I’ve been feeling so nauseous on and off for the past few weeks.

Join me next week for a 33 week review!

Harriet and bump x

The Week That Was: Week 29



This week has marked the return of the dreaded morning sickness! Yep apparently not content with causing havoc for the first however many weeks, the nausea can return to plague you again in third trimester (not quite as bad as those poor women who suffer all the way through, you have my absolutely sympathy!). I noticed it a couple of weeks ago right when the third trimester started but didn’t think too much of it, however it really ramped up on Friday this week and I ended up being really sick and feeling quite shoddy all day!

Apart from that and it now being a full-scale planning exercise to do anything (planning breaks into walks, toilet stops, hell I even think about turning over in bed now and the effort required!) (This will stand me in good stead for planning to do stuff when she’s here right?) I’ve not been feeling too bad this week.

We ordered some cute patterned letters spelling out baby’s initials this week so I’m excited to be picking those up soon – apart from painting the cot and putting those last few details in place the nursery is pretty much done, although there’s a lot of wedding stuff in there at the moment as it’s become somewhat of a storage room ahead of the big day.

It was my birthday yesterday which was a very sedate one but very lovely – a trip to Powis Castle including picnic and then a Thai meal – we were home around eight as I was so tired but it was lovely to have our last birthday together as a couple before baby arrives! And we realised the last time we’d been in Wales we were already pregnant but only about three weeks gone so we didn’t know for another week!

See you next week for week 30!

Harriet and bump x

Update Central

26+5 bump

26+5 bump

The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed my blog has been a bit sparse of new posts in the last week or so and that it was unfortunately down for a while during my holiday. Well thankfully it’s now all back up and in running order and I’ve finally had enough time post-honeymoon among all the hecticness (I don’t care that’s not a word, I’ve just made it one) to sit down and write some posts. As, although I scheduled posts for while I was away, I haven’t actually written anything in quite a few weeks I thought it was worth just having a general update/chatty post. Hope that’s okay!

So we had an amazing honeymoon! Although it feels like I can’t quite put into words how good it was, I’m going to try to in this Thursday’s post – focusing on holidaying while pregnant as this is a pregnancy blog after all. Now that we’re back we’ve started to get a little bit nervous about how close the wedding and baby’s due date are. It’s less than 12 weeks until we get married now and it suddenly feels like we have so much to do and not enough time to do it all in. We’re less stressed about the ‘baby to do’ list as we’ve got so much stuff for her and we can always nip to the shops if we need to when she’s here – unfortunately you can’t do that mid-wedding.

There’s 89 days left til she’s due now (I’m 27+2) meaning I’m nearing the end of my second trimester. As promised on Sunday I’ll do a round up of the second half of it (first half post here) and from then on in I’m going to aim to do a week-by-week account every Sunday, which is when a new pregnancy week rolls around for me. I figured there might be more to say in the third trimester – although I’d hope for a fairly uneventful one!

It currently feels like there’s not enough hours in the day as I have various projects I want to get finished before bump arrives and it doesn’t help that most days I just feel like chilling out, having a nap, reading a book and enjoying time to myself before entering the crazy world of motherhood. I know this is an absolute spoilt brat whinge – especially after just being on holiday where I was able to do just that – but there we go!

Looking ahead, we start our NCT classes tomorrow which I’m looking forward to and hoping we meet some lovely couples during who we can make friends with as it’d be great to get to know people with babies the same age. I’ve also got various appointments coming up with midwifes, consultants etc so it does feel like things are starting to gather pace now ready for September.

I don’t want to talk too much about bump’s progress as that would render Sunday’s post absolutely useless so I shall sign off now!

Harriet and bump x


Second Trimester Part One

A 20-week bump.

A 20-week bump.

Some of you may have seen my first trimester round-up (it’s here if you haven’t), I’ve now reached the mid-way point of my pregnancy meaning I’m halfway through the second trimester (the middle of the middle if you like) so it seemed like an ideal opportunity for a catch-up. I’m hoping to do the same towards the end of June as I enter into the third trimester and from then on in provide more regular updates (she says hopefully) as things really start gearing up for the ‘main event’ ie birth.

My previous posts have hinted at (strongly hinted at, like a baseball bat in the face kind of hint) my grumpiness, aches and pains and general moans and groans within the last few weeks. I’ll be the first to admit the second trimester has been a surprise for me, not a nice one. One of those surprises like bumping into someone important when you haven’t brushed your hair and there’s toothpaste on your jumper or getting your period on holiday. I was fully signed up to the ‘all singing, all dancing, joyous, fantastic, blooming, amazing second trimester’ but it turns out I didn’t read the small print. Apparently none of these wonderful things which were meant to happy to my body were actually guaranteed, and there’s no way of getting a refund either.

So instead I’ve been back ache, tummy ache, headache, life ache central. I’m generally quite vocal if I have an issue (stop rolling your eyes at the back there) but I think I’ve moaned more in the last two months than I’ve ever done before. Everything on my body has hurt at one time or another, usually in tandem with something else. I’ve also had all the feels: it’s 5.59pm I feel ecstatic, it’s 6pm I feel heart-brokenly sad, it’s 6.01pm I feel grumpy, it’s 6.02pm absolutely fine again now. Repeat as desired!

But in between bouts of taking to my bed, declaring my life is ruined and telling Dylan it’s all his fault I’ve tried to be a little bit rational about. Just a little bit. I’m 21 weeks today, which means at the very most even if baby overstays her welcome I will be pregnant for another 21 weeks. Whilst that sounds a lot, it’s really not in the grand scheme of things. And in this game I’m playing, I’m odds-on favourite to be the winner of a shiny new little person at the end. So I’m trying to see the bigger picture and just eat a lot of cake, because everyone knows cake heals all wrongs.

Harriet and bump x

(If you care to pop back on June 21 you’ll get an update on the second half of this trimester, providing my fingers haven’t got so big from all the cake that I’ve stopped being able to type)