A Day In The Life Of A New Mom


1. Notice baby being sick
2. Catch as much sick in your hand as possible while frantically searching for a muslin cloth – which will have all disappeared at that moment despite there being at least three billion in your house.
3. Wipe sick off baby/floor/walls etc.
4. Check whether your clothing/hair has been vommed on.
5. Assess whether you can just rub in the sick and hope no one notices.
6. Change everyone’s outfit.
7. Notice baby doing a poo.
8. Wait for them to finish while simultaneously laughing at the grunting/face pulling and wondering whether it makes you weird watching another human pooing.
9. Change baby while trying not to hurl and wondering how something so cute can produce a smell so awful.
10. Put baby in jumparoo
11. Listen to the same goddamn tune over and over and over and over.
12. Try and do all the housework in the 20 minutes it takes for baby to get bored.
13. Notice baby is rubbing their eyes and looking like they haven’t slept in months.
14. Lay baby down with dummy in mouth.
15. Retreat to the other side of the room.
16. Notice dummy has come out of baby’s mouth and they are now wailing despite having taken the dummy out themselves.
17. Put dummy back in baby’s mouth.
18. Repeat steps 15 to 17 approximately 200 times until baby finally falls asleep.
19. Think about doing something useful while baby naps.
20. Baby wakes up while you’re still thinking.
21. Attempt to get bottle into baby’s mouth in the 2.1 seconds it takes between stirring and baby deciding they are so starving they need to wail at the same volume as a jet taking off.
22. Repeat steps one to 21 until daddy gets home and baby gives him their sweetest smile and wants to cuddle him even though every time you want a cuddle baby attempts to scratch your eyes out.

(I really like my baby honestly!)

Harriet and Alexandra X


Bedtime essentials - including this super cute book bought by nanna!

Bedtime essentials – including this super cute book bought by nanna!

 We don’t yet have a bedtime routine sorted each night and I’m getting to the point where I’m unsure whether we need to! I know a lot of people like to have set timings when everything is done but then Alexandra is sleeping through the night and hasn’t woken up for a feed for well over four weeks so I can’t see it’s affecting her too much!

I worry if we start trying to get her into bed really early, firstly it will massively reduce the amount of time she gets to spend with her daddy and secondly she’ll need to wake much earlier for a feed. Currently she has a bottle at around 6pm – 6.30pm which means she’s normally finishing up ready for a cuddle with Dylan when he comes home from work. From there, she might have a little play and then on ideal evenings she’ll be sleeping while we have dinner and get things ready for the next day. She doesn’t have a bath every evening (we take her in the shower if she’s not having a bath but that tends to be in the morning – she loves it!) but I’m trying to ensure she has a book read to her as often as possible.

Alex then has her last feed anywhere between 9pm and 10pm – Dylan does that one – and then tends to be asleep by 11pm. We then get a relatively quiet night, aside from a couple of grumbles if her dummy goes missing, until gone 6am when she wakes for breakfast.

So having said we don’t have a bedtime routine, I guess we kind of do! Do I need to be more rigid though or is being fairly flexible a good thing?

Harriet and Alexandra x