Take Two: Second Trimester Part Two

A growth scan at 26+6 showed Baby 2 flexing his guns!

Saturday marked a key point in my pregnancy: 28 weeks which is the start of the third (and final!) trimester. Although it feels like a significant date nothing actually happens – baby is still growing at the same rate and doesn’t magically have a spurt or start doing something fancy in there to celebrate. But still, the third trimester is when all the action happens ie getting the baby out at the end. If you’d like to read my Second Trimester round-up from my first pregnancy, you can do so here or you can read my summary of weeks 14-21 of this pregnancy here.

So how’s it been? Well, right now my main complaint is that the bottom of my back is absolute agony! I can rarely get into a comfortable position and when I do, manoeuvring myself out of it is just ridiculous. I remember my back aching when I was pregnant with Alexandra but I don’t think it was this bad – it’s probably not helping that I’m hefting a toddler in and out of her cot, in and out of the car and up and down from the table all day. I’m just counting down the days until such a time when I can actually do any of that without doing lots of swear words very loudly in my head.

I’m definitely feeling tired but as I mentioned in my previous update post, that’s fairly normal anyway with a toddler on the go all the time! If you compare it with Alex’s pregnancy too where I wasn’t getting up til late, then having a couple of hours’ nap in the afternoon then going to bed early, I’m doing pretty well.

I feel like we’re just in limbo now, we know 37 weeks is the end goal but every week we could be in a position where we need to get the baby out now. In a lot of ways I feel wholly unprepared for Baby 2’s arrival – like how the hell do you look after two small people at the same time? I took Alexandra and my nephew Zachary out for an hour on my own the other day and managed it fine although it takes SO long transferring two kids and their paraphernalia into a pushchair! But doing it full time? Help!

We’ve got most of the items you need for a baby like clothing, nappies etc and we’re picking up the car seat this week but I still have to finish my hospital bag and make sure all the plans are in place for Alex’s care while I’m in hospital.

As I did the first time round, I’ll probably update every week now until I have baby – which could be eight updates or could be a case of telling you next week that there’s a new arrival in town. Gulp.

Harriet, Alexandra and bump x

Take Two: Second Trimester Part One

21 weeks pregnant with baby two.

If you’ve not yet read my Take Two: First Trimester post then you can find it here or if you want to read my summary at this point in my pregnancy with Alexandra, then click here.

I’m now a couple of weeks further on but when we actually announced our pregnancy online, I was 21 weeks which marks the halfway stage of the second trimester and the point where, even if you were to go overdue, you’d be halfway through the whole pregnancy. Being as we’re going to be delivered at 37 weeks if not before (post coming up soon on the medical side of things), we’re already past that point which is nice.

The second trimester has been fairly good for me, as had the first if you read that update. I haven’t had any sickness or nausea and I’ve been able to pretty much carry on doing all the things I was doing before in my normal day to day life. This is a huge relief as, although lots of women have it much worse than me, I was particularly exhausted throughout the whole pregnancy with Alexandra (we didn’t know then but my illness was working its magic on me!) so I think myself and Dylan were both concerned this one would be even harder with the added complications of a toddler to look after.

Yes I do feel tired, but I do anyway! And show me the mother of a toddler who feels perky and bright all the time! I’ve also been struggling a lot with my lower back/hips, more towards the end of the day if I’ve been doing lots of jobs or walking. Years of bad posture and spending a lot of time haunched in front of a computer has meant my back isn’t great even when I’m not pregnant, and having babies who like to sit as low in my belly as possible the whole time adds to it! But having had a few days with Alex where she’d lodged her bum in my ribs and I could barely breath, I would much rather them be low than high!

I’ve definitely been feeling very emotional and have had a few moments where I’ve had a small meltdown at the enormity of what we’re going through. But they’ve been few and far between and I think I’d be entirely subnormal if I didn’t have those times – most of the time I’m carrying on being upbeat and positive, every day we get through is a day closer to 24 weeks and viability, and every day after that is a day our little boy has got bigger and stronger ready for delivery whenever that needs to happen.

We hit 28 weeks and the third trimester on Saturday, February 4, so I’ll be back to provide an update around then but of course will be posting in between.

Harriet, Alexandra and bump x

Great Things About Being Pregnant

Exploring Wales

I feel like when I was pregnant with Alex, I focused a lot on the negatives. Mainly because I was fat and tired and grumpy. This time round I’m trying to embrace it a little more, although still ticking all three of those boxes. So I decided to list some of the good things about pregnancy:

FOOD. I don’t care that you’re not meant to eat any extra calories til the third trimester. I don’t care if there’s probably some study showing your kid will get better GCSE grades if you eat a diet of lettuce and grapes. I will spend the next nine months gleefully eating anything and everything that takes my fancy. I will without any regret send Dylan out to the shop for food when I want something we don’t have in (although I’m always very thankful!). I will not care about the scales one jot while I grow a child.

TOP TRUMPS. Nope I’m not talking about wind, I’m talking about the fact ‘because I’m growing a whole human inside me’ is enough to win any argument. It’s a valid reason why you should get the last cake or be excused from doing anything boring and/or tiring. Try as they might, your partner will never be able to better ‘but I’m carrying around your child for nine months AND THEN pushing it out my hoo ha’.

KICKS. There aren’t many times when I appreciate being kicked but being pregnant is one of them. I’m not gonna get all slushy here but there’s something a little bit magical about being the only other person in the world who knows when your baby’s moving around. It’s an incredible bond to have with another human.

HUSBAND. I like to think I appreciate Dylan and all he does for us most days but I think when you’re pregnant and you need a little extra help or perhaps a back rub or just someone who understands that you’ve gone absolutely mental because hormones and just lets you cry for utterly no reason and doesn’t back out of the room and/or leave you, that’s when you most appreciate that you live with someone utterly lovely.

SEATING. People always let you sit down when you’re pregnant. If they don’t then you need to get some new friends.

Harriet, Alexandra and bump x

Second Trimester Part Two

My second trimester bump!

My second trimester bump!

Whilst it seems like I’ve been pregnant forever, I haven’t. I’ve been pregnant for 28 weeks today and that marks the end of my second trimester. It also means in theory in 12 weeks’ time I should have a little bundle of joy in my arms (because all babies are born on their due dates right?!) or at the very most, I’ll have 14 weeks to wait to meet baby.

The second trimester has been the longest thing ever (I’m not very patient) – although in reality it’s only been 14 weeks, the exact same length as the first (although I didn’t know about baby til week four). I wrote about the first half of it here on May 3 and was decidedly grumpy about it. I don’t know if it’s the sunshine or the fact we’re so much closer to due date, but I feel a little more upbeat.

Symptoms-wise, I’m getting achy hips and belly (I’m guessing because she’s quite low down so everything is stretching) and every couple of weeks or so my belly feels really tight and stretched for a few days and then it’s like my skin catches up and realises it needs to grow a bit!

Little girl is very active and has been for the last few weeks – rolling around, kicking regularly and making my stomach do all sorts of odd things. It’s really reassuring to be able to feel her so much (and nice for Dylan as well) but then you do start getting a bit paranoid if you haven’t felt anything for a few hours.

I’ve probably got a little less tired but I’m definitely nowhere near pre-pregnancy levels and a regular nap or early night is always in order. I’m managing to get stuff on my to do lists done but progress is slower than I’d like and I find that incredibly frustrating! I know I’m not going to get any less tired for the next few years!

Oh and the other change since the halfway through the second trimester post is my milk has come in. I wasn’t quite expecting it to happen an hour into an 11 hour flight!

So if you’re interested in keeping up to date as I go through my third trimester, I’ll be back on Sunday with a week 29 update!

Harriet and bump x


Update Central

26+5 bump

26+5 bump

The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed my blog has been a bit sparse of new posts in the last week or so and that it was unfortunately down for a while during my holiday. Well thankfully it’s now all back up and in running order and I’ve finally had enough time post-honeymoon among all the hecticness (I don’t care that’s not a word, I’ve just made it one) to sit down and write some posts. As, although I scheduled posts for while I was away, I haven’t actually written anything in quite a few weeks I thought it was worth just having a general update/chatty post. Hope that’s okay!

So we had an amazing honeymoon! Although it feels like I can’t quite put into words how good it was, I’m going to try to in this Thursday’s post – focusing on holidaying while pregnant as this is a pregnancy blog after all. Now that we’re back we’ve started to get a little bit nervous about how close the wedding and baby’s due date are. It’s less than 12 weeks until we get married now and it suddenly feels like we have so much to do and not enough time to do it all in. We’re less stressed about the ‘baby to do’ list as we’ve got so much stuff for her and we can always nip to the shops if we need to when she’s here – unfortunately you can’t do that mid-wedding.

There’s 89 days left til she’s due now (I’m 27+2) meaning I’m nearing the end of my second trimester. As promised on Sunday I’ll do a round up of the second half of it (first half post here) and from then on in I’m going to aim to do a week-by-week account every Sunday, which is when a new pregnancy week rolls around for me. I figured there might be more to say in the third trimester – although I’d hope for a fairly uneventful one!

It currently feels like there’s not enough hours in the day as I have various projects I want to get finished before bump arrives and it doesn’t help that most days I just feel like chilling out, having a nap, reading a book and enjoying time to myself before entering the crazy world of motherhood. I know this is an absolute spoilt brat whinge – especially after just being on holiday where I was able to do just that – but there we go!

Looking ahead, we start our NCT classes tomorrow which I’m looking forward to and hoping we meet some lovely couples during who we can make friends with as it’d be great to get to know people with babies the same age. I’ve also got various appointments coming up with midwifes, consultants etc so it does feel like things are starting to gather pace now ready for September.

I don’t want to talk too much about bump’s progress as that would render Sunday’s post absolutely useless so I shall sign off now!

Harriet and bump x


Second Trimester Part One

A 20-week bump.

A 20-week bump.

Some of you may have seen my first trimester round-up (it’s here if you haven’t), I’ve now reached the mid-way point of my pregnancy meaning I’m halfway through the second trimester (the middle of the middle if you like) so it seemed like an ideal opportunity for a catch-up. I’m hoping to do the same towards the end of June as I enter into the third trimester and from then on in provide more regular updates (she says hopefully) as things really start gearing up for the ‘main event’ ie birth.

My previous posts have hinted at (strongly hinted at, like a baseball bat in the face kind of hint) my grumpiness, aches and pains and general moans and groans within the last few weeks. I’ll be the first to admit the second trimester has been a surprise for me, not a nice one. One of those surprises like bumping into someone important when you haven’t brushed your hair and there’s toothpaste on your jumper or getting your period on holiday. I was fully signed up to the ‘all singing, all dancing, joyous, fantastic, blooming, amazing second trimester’ but it turns out I didn’t read the small print. Apparently none of these wonderful things which were meant to happy to my body were actually guaranteed, and there’s no way of getting a refund either.

So instead I’ve been back ache, tummy ache, headache, life ache central. I’m generally quite vocal if I have an issue (stop rolling your eyes at the back there) but I think I’ve moaned more in the last two months than I’ve ever done before. Everything on my body has hurt at one time or another, usually in tandem with something else. I’ve also had all the feels: it’s 5.59pm I feel ecstatic, it’s 6pm I feel heart-brokenly sad, it’s 6.01pm I feel grumpy, it’s 6.02pm absolutely fine again now. Repeat as desired!

But in between bouts of taking to my bed, declaring my life is ruined and telling Dylan it’s all his fault I’ve tried to be a little bit rational about. Just a little bit. I’m 21 weeks today, which means at the very most even if baby overstays her welcome I will be pregnant for another 21 weeks. Whilst that sounds a lot, it’s really not in the grand scheme of things. And in this game I’m playing, I’m odds-on favourite to be the winner of a shiny new little person at the end. So I’m trying to see the bigger picture and just eat a lot of cake, because everyone knows cake heals all wrongs.

Harriet and bump x

(If you care to pop back on June 21 you’ll get an update on the second half of this trimester, providing my fingers haven’t got so big from all the cake that I’ve stopped being able to type)


A Magical Time?

A 16-week bumpy!

A 16-week bumpy!

There seems to be this huge perception around pregnancy that it’s an amazing time, where you’ll feel absolutely fantastic and be on top of the world, looking great and waiting your baby’s impending arrival with very little strife or worry. But what if that’s not the case? I’m not talking about the times when tragically there is something really wrong health-wise with mom and/or baby – and this post isn’t intended to upset anyone for whom that’s the case (or anyone still trying to get pregnant) – I just mean when you generally feel crap.

I’m going to put it out there, even though it may attract some criticism, even though I feel like it’s not PC to do so: I’m not really enjoying being pregnant. I’m just under halfway through at the time of writing this post and I really was expecting to be ‘blooming’ by now. But I actually feel worse in myself than I did at the start despite not puking anymore. I’m not relishing being pregnant and I’d be surprised if I felt sad once the baby’s born that I’m not expecting anymore, which is something I’ve heard other mothers say.

I still absolutely love my baby to bits already and feel sure that will only grow as my bump does, I would do anything to protect him/her and I am so hugely grateful to be having a relatively straightforward pregnancy and to get the chance to bring a new life into the world. It’s a very privileged thing to be able to do, not everyone gets to do it and certainly not everyone gets to this stage with the relative ease we have.

But I still can’t help feel grumpy about the whole thing. My thoughts about the way I look and the way I feel are completely separate from my feelings towards the baby – so despite wanting to be positive and wanting to focus solely on how amazing this experience is, I have found myself bemoaning how exhausted and uncomfortable I’ve felt. I have found myself having a moan in the middle of the night getting up for the fifth wee since I went to bed, or trying to get comfy after what feels like hours of tossing and turning. It seems like the 19 weeks of my pregnancy have gone so slowly so despite being nearly halfway I can’t quite see the end of the tunnel yet.

I know I’m only going to get bigger and more uncomfortable, I know I’ll only get more tired, I know the tiredness situation will definitely not improve once the baby’s here (hopefully the getting bigger thing will reverse!). Yes, I am a grumpy mommy. I want baby to stay inside me until 40 weeks, of course I do, but equally if there was an ‘evening’ off option, I’d go for it! Like a foetus babysitter – any offers?

Harriet and bump x