22 Months And Three Months

I hope they always like each other this much.

As always, I’m back with a monthly update on both the children. Time marches on so they’re 22 months and three months now and both growing so well.


Just two months away from her second birthday and Alex’s vocabulary has exploded. She’s much more willing now to repeat words you say which results in her attempting words like sausages and purple. Her particular favourite phrases are ‘see you soon’ ( said more like see soon so as a result I’ve started saying see soon in a really chirpy little voice to people), ta ta, ta da and of course no is used all the time in our house. She has occasionally started saying yes though!

It’s animal noises a plenty and she’s a firm fan of anything that roars (lion, tiger, dinosaur) as well as doing the best pig impression I’ve genuinely ever heard.

On the subject of animals, she still absolutely loves them and loved having a trip to the zoo this weekend. We also went to a farm in Wales where you could feed the animals and she spent so long with the goats feeding and stroking them bless her.

She’s just had a great report from nursery and will be starting her settling in sessions in the toddler room from next month. I’m not sure I’m ready for her to make the leap! I think she’ll cope better than me with the change.

Some exciting teeth news – all of her four canines have broken through in the last few weeks plus at least one of the back molars. I need to have another look soon but at the very most we’ve got three to go! We’ve been so lucky with teething as I know other children who’ve really suffered but she’s been largely unaffected which is great.

Alexandra loves her little brother and is mostly wonderful with him, although of course there are odd moments of jealousy and being silly. Overall she definitely knows how to throw a strop but when she’s not doing that she’s an absolute delight – eager to learn, confident, funny, loving.


Max is doing so fantastically well and we’re so proud as we really didn’t think he’d have progressed this well at three months.

At his last weigh in he was 10lb 3 and gaining nicely so they’re now happy for him to be weighed monthly rather than weekly. He’s also got longer and his head circumference has grown which are all really positive signs for his development.

He’s been struggling with reflux which we knew was likely to happen due to his hernia. But with some medication, putting his mattress on a slant and letting him nap on his front in the afternoon (I know you’re meant to keep them on their back but he’s SO much more settled that way) he’s been just about coping.

Despite everything going on, he’s got such a lovely nature and we’re getting plenty of smiles from him now along with some cooing. He smiles the most for Alexandra and you can tell he thinks she’s great!

He’s in 0 to 3 clothes now which is good progress although some stuff is still way too big for him.

Medically, his FPIES and CDH are completely under control so they’re just doing more checks on his brain but other than that he’s continuing to impress the doctors. His paediatrician remarked on his double chin last time we went for an appointment – I’d be offended if someone pointed mine out but in Max’s case the doctor was thrilled to see it!

Harriet, Alexandra and Max x

Three Months On!


I can hardly believe it but my little girl is three months old today – in some ways it feels like years since the day I gave birth (and hasn’t SO much happened since!) but in other ways it’s gone in the blink of an eye and I can’t believe how big she is. Had things been a little more ‘normal’ I would have done one and two month updates but as it is this is the first and hopefully I’ll keep it going to track her development.

Alexandra can roll from her back to her front (well she’s done it once!), smile and giggle, she’s noticing her hands and feet a lot more now and her hand/eye co-ordination is getting really good, she recognises people she sees a lot and definitely knows our voices. She absolutely loves ‘Mr Owl’ – a little jingly owl that is currently hanging off her baby gym, one of her favourite places to be. Everyone comments how alert she is and how well she holds her head up, she’s trying to sit up and is very nosy and likes to be where she can see everything going on. Her absolute favourite things are lights, she spends a ridiculous amount of time each day staring at lights – if we take her somewhere with loads she won’t even acknowledge we’re there as she’s too busy looking!

She’s only recently got into a routine since I got out of hospital as obviously everything was very changeable each day beforehand. Now she wakes around 6am for her morning feed and then either goes back into her moses basket for another sleep or on Tuesdays and Thursdays when Dylan takes her to the childminder she comes into the bed for a chat with me before she goes. She’s there on a Tuesday and a Thursday at the moment but gradually as I get better that’ll reduce so she’ll be with me full time. She tends to feed again at around 10/10.30am, 3/3.30pm and 6/6.30pm and then daddy comes home! He does the last feed which can be anywhere between about 9 and 10.30 and then she generally sleeps through until the morning.

So far (fingers crossed) she’s a very calm and contented little lady. She’s had to adapt to being looked after by a few different people so she’s very good with new faces and generally she only complains when she’s hungry or overtired (baby logic is great – I’m going to moan and cry for 15 minutes because I’m so tired instead of just going to sleep!). She hasn’t been weighed for a couple of weeks but must be 12lb something by now and is just about to outgrow most of her 0-3m stuff so we’ll be starting the process of packing them away (so sad!) and hanging up her 3-6m stuff soon.

Overall she’s a brilliant baby (I’d mark her 10/10 for the last three months. Well done Alexandra, you’ve passed your probation and can stay on with us as your parents permanently! Haha) and of course the cutest bambino ever made!

Harriet and Alexandra x (I still haven’t got used to typing that instead of ‘Harriet and bump’ which I signed off all my pregnancy blog posts with)