Thai Adventures With Bump

Honeymooners in a tuk tuk

Honeymooners in a tuk tuk

As I’ve mentioned a zillion times before on the blog (I was quite excited!), myself and Dylan jetted off to Thailand last month for our honeymoon. Firstly, a little plug for the country – if you ever get the chance to go definitely 100 per cent do. It’s beautiful, the culture is immense, the scenery is breath-taking, the people are awesome. We kept saying to each other during the trip we couldn’t believe how perfect it was and we knew we’d definitely made the right choice for our honeymoon.

Of course, ahead of time there was always a little worry about how I would cope being almost six months pregnant (I’m focusing on holidaying with the bump during this post but am happy to wax lyrical about Thailand and go more in-depth into what we did there and where we stayed to anyone interested!) but on the whole I don’t think it held me back that much really. The flight over there was fairly comfortable given it was over 11 hours, the longest flight I’d done. I didn’t really sleep but it was a daytime one so that was kind of to be expected. The worst thing was wearing flight socks (pregnant ladies are at higher risk of developing DVT!).

Out in Bangkok, where we stayed for three nights, it was blisteringly hot and horrendously humid. I think I would have struggled even if I wasn’t pregnant as Dylan looked like he’d just had a shower every time he stepped outside the hotel and he definitely isn’t with child. Although a couple of times I felt a bit dizzy and sick, this happens when I go to the local shopping centre so not a reason to put me off holidaying pregnant. I just made sure I was drinking plenty of water and was sitting down in the shade regularly.

When we got to the jungle (Khao Sok) for a further three nights, it was possibly even warmer but especially so overnight as we’d swapped air con for two fans. But still, I took part in a variety of activities like speedboating, kayaking (admittedly Dyl did most of the paddling), swimming, a little bit of walking etc.

Then at our third destination, right on the beach at Khao Lak, it was just a total relax-fest so I probably felt better than I have done at any point during pregnancy! Baby was kicking away merrily all the time as she seems to love when I’m in water so being in the pool so much was making her super active. One evening we didn’t time it well to walk down to the beach to a restaurant so I was feeling hot, ill and very grumpy by the time we got there but other than that I didn’t feel too bad at all.

The worst part was probably the flight back, but again 27 hours of travelling (including transfer to Phuket Airport, three hour wait, flight to Bangkok, three hour wait, flight to Heathrow, car journey home) is bound to take it out of anyone.

So in summary, although I probably wouldn’t want to go away being much more heavily pregnant than I was (24+1 on the way out there and 26+2 on the way back), I definitely wouldn’t change it for the world and, if I was ever pregnant again, it wouldn’t put me off travelling.

Harriet and bump x


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