The First Trimester


Pregnancy – isn’t it a wonderful glowy fantastic time? Your hair will look great, your skin will be amazing, your bump will blossom and seat neatly on the rest of your body which hasn’t sagged/grown horrendously/broken in some way. Oh except for the last few months when you’re carrying an actual fully-formed baby which could be 10lbs (basically a constant gym workout for you, for free). Of course the middle bit might not be that fantastic either. Ain’t that the truth.

But before you even get to discover if you’re going to be one of those annoyingly attractive pregnancy ladies, you have the delights of the first trimester to look forward to. I think before I was pregnant I had barely even thought about what life might be like while a human formed inside my uterus. Of course, I knew you could get morning sickness, I knew my own mom hadn’t had the greatest time carrying me around, but I hadn’t really sat down and deeply pondered what it might be like.

And so it hit me much like a train. Or someone punching me repeatedly. Or any number of things that involve pain, sickness, tiredness etc. I’m sorry. I could sugar coat it, I could say it was fantastic and I really enjoyed it. But I’d be lying and what’s the point of that? (I’m not actually trying to put anyone off and obviously having a baby is pretty spectacularly amazing so there’s got to be some downsides to it right?)

For three months I chucked up all the time. More than once, I vommed because of the thought of a particular food. I couldn’t drink my beloved Diet Coke (still can’t at 18+1) or anything warm (miss you hot chocolate!). An evening meal was a no no.

The main thing I found was how instant my body started being. That probably doesn’t make much sense – allow me to explain. Before, I’d feel a bit tired, then a bit more tired, then gradually get to the point of needing to be asleep. Or I’d feel a bit hungry and gradually, hours later if I hadn’t eaten, would be ravenous. As soon as bumpy came to inhabit my world, I was fine then BAM asleep. Fine then BAM feed me now or I will eat my own arm, and yours too probably.

Thankfully I’d say week 11 was the worst in terms of sickness and after that it reduced slowly to around once a week. The tiredness however is much more persistent. Free punches for anyone who points out I won’t be getting much sleep after the baby’s born!

Harriet and bump x


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