The Name Game

There are a ridiculous amount of baby name books, never mind baby names.

There are a ridiculous amount of baby name books, never mind baby names.

 Choosing a name for your future offspring, a name that won’t get them bullied, won’t make them sound three years old forever, a name people like. It’s hard, right? I guess it’s one of the biggest (and most permanent) decisions when you’re new in the world of parenting. Most of the other choices – apart from deciding to actually have a baby in the first place – can be reversed somewhat but this is pretty permanent.

A massive problem is there is pretty much no limit to how many names there are in the world. We’re not in the 1800s anymore (no shit) and, as time’s gone by, each new generation has come up with its own variations of existing names and some new completely out there names. Especially living in the celebrity-focused culture we have in 2015, a lot of the time those in the public eye have gone a bit ‘out there’ with their children’s names and therefore some parents-to-be can feel like the task is even more ominous.

Another factor in the choosing game is that (in a lot of cases although obviously not all) two of you have got to decide that you both like a name enough to be forever yelling it up the stairs/across the park. One parent could be the completely traditional type dreaming of Charlotte and George while the other could be thinking of Mercedes and Rylan.

For us, choosing a boy’s name was much easier than a girl’s. Which of course, proved to be entirely unhelpful in our case! We had a middle name for each straightaway but came up with a list of four boys names we both liked. We both went out for the day separately very early on in my pregnancy and came back having decided on a front-runner – luckily they were the same! With a girl I had one name I loved and he had two, neither was won over by the other’s choices. It was only when we went to a charity event and the mayor’s PA suggested a name to us (random, I know!) that following a few days of it ‘growing’ on us, we decided yes that was the one! Now it seems completely natural to call her by that name and I don’t think we’ll change it, although Dylan’s very cautious about sharing it online in case we do (hence the cloak and dagger! Although our friends and family do know).

Luckily we haven’t faced any backlash and everyone has either loved her name or been gracious enough to pretend they do. But you hear so often about poor parents who have their heart set on something and then their loved ones are so rude about it they go off the name! It’s no wonder some choose not to reveal the name until their little one is born – after all, it’s much harder to be ruder about someone’s actual name!

Did you find it easy to pick your children’s names? Did you and your partner agree?

Harriet and bump x

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