The Week That Was: Week 29



This week has marked the return of the dreaded morning sickness! Yep apparently not content with causing havoc for the first however many weeks, the nausea can return to plague you again in third trimester (not quite as bad as those poor women who suffer all the way through, you have my absolutely sympathy!). I noticed it a couple of weeks ago right when the third trimester started but didn’t think too much of it, however it really ramped up on Friday this week and I ended up being really sick and feeling quite shoddy all day!

Apart from that and it now being a full-scale planning exercise to do anything (planning breaks into walks, toilet stops, hell I even think about turning over in bed now and the effort required!) (This will stand me in good stead for planning to do stuff when she’s here right?) I’ve not been feeling too bad this week.

We ordered some cute patterned letters spelling out baby’s initials this week so I’m excited to be picking those up soon – apart from painting the cot and putting those last few details in place the nursery is pretty much done, although there’s a lot of wedding stuff in there at the moment as it’s become somewhat of a storage room ahead of the big day.

It was my birthday yesterday which was a very sedate one but very lovely – a trip to Powis Castle including picnic and then a Thai meal – we were home around eight as I was so tired but it was lovely to have our last birthday together as a couple before baby arrives! And we realised the last time we’d been in Wales we were already pregnant but only about three weeks gone so we didn’t know for another week!

See you next week for week 30!

Harriet and bump x

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