The Week That Was: Week 31


 This week has mainly been about hormones for me – I’ve definitely noticed a big increase in how teary I feel. You’d think I’d be well used to the hormones by now but they’ve definitely ramped up now we’re reaching the end. I nearly cried in the baby section of Asda on Wednesday for absolutely no reason other than the clothes were cute.

I’m also definitely suffering from baby brain. Things go in my head and leave as quickly as they arrived. I’ve forgotten countless things, bought the wrong train ticket the other day etc etc!

It’s also been a week of medical/baby related appointments – starting with a mental health assessment on Monday, then a midwife visit on Wednesday, the end of our NCT course the same day and a growth scan on Friday. The latter two I’ll post about separately. There’s definitely an increase in appointments in these last few weeks and the journey to the hospital is now becoming all-too-familiar! At least when we go for the birth it’ll just be a ten-minute drive and not the current 45-minute bus ride!

Join me next week for a week 32 review!

Harriet and bump x

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