Too Prepared?

A selfie in the nursery!

A selfie in the nursery!

I’ve had a few comments to the effect that I’m almost over-prepared for this baby to arrive. I know people operate in different ways but for me, I like to be organised and get stuff done as early as possible if I can (we had flowers, a DJ, photographer, flower girl dress, theme etc within a week of booking our wedding) and to me, having a baby is no different. Yes I have three months left until her birth but all that means is I can focus on all the other zillion things which need to be done, ideally before I’m up all night with a newborn and probably frazzled out my mind trying to get into some sort of routine.

We bought a couple of bits and bobs before our first scan, a fair amount in between the two scans and then lots of gender-specific stuff after 20 weeks. This means her wardrobe is pretty full and if people ask we’ll probably be steering them towards six months and upwards for any clothes they want to buy. We’ve been buying wipes, nappies and toiletries when we’ve seen good deals and the nursery was overhauled about two months ago (by Dylan, although I was very good at helping put up the wardrobe and actually put the bookcase up myself – girl power win!) so all that’s left to do in there is paint the cot (which we already had from Dylan’s youngest daughter) and choose a chair and some little decorations.

The moses basket is ready for action with sheets ready to put on the mattress, we have a monitor, a sterilising kit, a sling, a travel system etc. Two weeks ago I bought two nighties for my hospital bag. So yes, I am very prepared – but equally there’s still bits and bobs to get and I’m also very conscious that baby will arrive when she wants to – not bang on 40 weeks. We could be looking at the end of September if she’s overdue but also lots of babies are born well before their due date, even months before. Obviously a prem baby would require extra preparation in itself and probably some dashing out to get even tinier outfits etc. But at least we’d know we’d got the basics covered and we had some clothes for her to grow into!

However, and this could be weird to admit, there’s also a slightly less practical reason why I wanted to get stuff so early – I just love going into her nursery and looking at all the tiny cute stuff in there! It makes me even more excited for her to arrive!

Harriet and bump x

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