Unexpected Pregnancy Joys


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I haven’t had a good old moan about pregnancy in at least seven seconds, so today I wanted to share with you some of the unexpected things which have come along with the bump. I warn you, it’s probably mostly going to be *TMI* (too much information) so look away now if you don’t want to feel at least a little bit grossed out.

– Hair. Hair everywhere. Some women say they hardly shave their legs during pregnancy, life has obviously decided to play a cruel joke on me by making sure I’m firmly in the other camp. My belly looks like a bear’s. And the worst thing is having to try and work around a bump to shave your legs. I’m training Dylan up to do mine. Or else becoming a Chewbacca lookalike.

– Peeing. I expected to need to wee more once we got to the ‘baby could pop out at any second’ stage. I didn’t expect it to happen all along! It’s especially annoying when you’ve just got comfy in bed and then you realise you need to go for the third time in five minutes. Even better when baby’s kicking your bladder while you’re desperate. Mmm.

– Pooing. Yeah I told you this was going to get gross. There’s some sort of pregnancy fallacy (probably promoted by those who never have to shave their legs) that everyone gets constipated during pregnancy. Again, I’m in the ‘completely the opposite’ camp. What with this point and the previous point about peeing, I’m surprised I’ve had any time at all to eat, sleep, talk to people etc.

– Dribble. I really am painting an attractive picture of myself here I aren’t? Apparently you produce more saliva when you’re pregnant. Just what everyone wants to see when they look at the pillow next to them, a drooling hairy lady who’s just about to get up AGAIN to pee. Sorry Dylan (not that sorry, it’s kinda your fault).

– Hanger. Hanger, for those unfamiliar with the word, is that crazy kind of anger you get when you’re insanely hungry. In the space of walking from one room to another I can go from not being hungry at all, to being about to cry/shout/have a tantrum because I’m so hungry. Just feed me and no one will get hurt.

I could probably think of more points here but a) I want to still have some friends, b) there are actually some nice points too and we shouldn’t be too biased towards the bad!

What symptoms came as a surprise to you when you were pregnant?

Harriet and bump x


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