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Hello all, a bonus blog for you this week to talk about some fabulous awards that I think are a great idea!

One of the key words surrounding this whole parenting journey we’re all on (apart from sick, poo and sleep) is support. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve talked/thought about how vital having a great support system around you is. Life can be confusing, worrying, stressful and hard even when you just have yourself to care for; throw in a tiny person who can’t do anything for themselves, doesn’t stick to a schedule and produces a lot of poo and sick (see I told you those words were pretty key too!), and it’s quite frankly an absolute miracle all us new moms manage to function on any level!

Anyone who’s read my past posts will know I didn’t get the start most moms get. I didn’t walk out of hospital in the first couple of days, have two weeks with Dylan on paternity leave and then get left mostly by myself to figure out how to keep the baby alive weekdays 9am til 5pm. Our start to family life was a lot more complicated and that’s why I am more grateful than I can ever say to everyone who helped us during that time. Of course, there was the fabulous Dylan who became Mr Mom and did everything I should have been doing, everything he should have been doing and a million, billion other things. There was my mom who took months off work to be there every day for Alexandra, for me and for Dylan. There was my sister Henrietta and her other half Ben who stopped at ours, did overnight feeds (and cheered me up – the first thing Henrietta said to me when she saw me in intensive care was ‘nice eyebrows’ – they were pretty horrific to be fair!). There was my dad who took every Wednesday off work when I got home to come over and help me run errands. There were my besties Manda and Beccy who had a girly sleepover with Alex – all the more remarkable seen as Manda doesn’t actually like babies!

There were the NCT couples who were just beyond fabulous: they organised food parcels for Dylan that we were still making our way through weeks after I got home! They looked after Alex and took her to baby sensory and were just the most supportive friends you could ever hope to have in that situation even though they were all new parents themselves. There were countless other friends who stepped in to have her for an hour or two. There was Dylan’s family who came over to help out, do night feeds and keep Dylan somewhat sane. There was the rest of my family. There were many, many friends who kept our spirits up, dragged us through the worst days and helped us along the way to being reunited as a family.

So you see, support is a massive, massive thing for me.

That’s why I think the Real World Parenting Awards are such a fab idea. There are two categories: one for a health professional who has gone above and beyond to help a new mom, and one for supportive family and friends.

If a nurse, doctor, midwife or health visitors has been dedicated, compassionate and hard working – making a real difference to your life as a new mom, then do think about nominating them! The awards are supported by an educational grant from Infacol and the winning professional receives £1,000 from the Primary Care Society for Gastroenterology to further their career or chosen area of research. Those nominating them are in with a chance of winning a short break at Knoll House.

To enter, simply e-mail competitions@satellitepr.com with the person’s name, workplace (if it’s a health professional you’re nominating) and the reason you’re putting this person forward by Wednesday, August 31. Winners will be announced in November.

Harriet and Alexandra x

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