11 Months Old

Helping daddy do the garden.

Helping daddy do the garden.

I can’t believe this is the last update post I’ll do before Alexandra’s a whole year old! I feel like in every single update post I and most other bloggers write, there’s some sort of variation on a phrase about time going so fast and they can’t believe how old their little one is. Non-parents are probably rolling their eyes wondering whether our sense of how time works dropped out along with the placenta. But the parents among us are all nodding along understanding that time works differently when you’re looking at a little tiny thing you created.

So, on to the update and the first big thing is WE HAVE TEETH! Finally, after us beginning to think dentures were going to be the only way she’d ever have a set of gnashers, we got two through in the space of a week. Predictably, they’re the bottom middle two and while they’re not fully grown yet they’ve most definitely broken through the gum. It’s funny the little things you think about, like Dylan remarking it was odd to hear her crunch food for the first time!

Which brings us neatly on to food. Alex is down to two bottles a day now, with the intention that she’ll drop to one in the next month (if she’s happy to of course, but we’ve always dropped a bottle by offering more snacks and changing round meal times and she’s always been fine about it) and then once she’s one she’ll come off formula and start drinking cow’s milk (she has this currently in cereal but it’s not recommended as a drink for babies before their first birthday) from a sippy cup. This means no more bottles and, more excitingly, no more sterilising! I could not be more overjoyed about this.

In terms of actual meals, she’s still on three a day with snacks in between and she’s now stopped eating puree altogether. I’ll probably do a weaning update at some point in the next month so I won’t focus too heavily on that for now!

Very excitingly, she’s also doing really well practising standing up. She’ll now confidently stand just holding on with one hand and is trying every day to stand unaided. Alex can do it for about five to ten seconds and even managed 30 seconds one day. We think it’ll be like crawling and sitting where she’ll practice loads and then one day it’ll just click into place and she’ll be a pro. She doesn’t really make an effort to walk that often, but probably because she can crawl to places quicker. She does love a good cruise along the furniture though.

A few months ago we spent all our time trying to teach her to clap and she kind of waved her hands round like someone stranded on a desert island trying to attract the attention of a passing plane, without ever connecting her two hands. We’d kind of slacked on practising with her lately but then all of a sudden about a week ago she started clapping ALL the time. I’m quite enjoying it, it’s very encouraging when you do something and she claps you, like your very own appreciative audience following you everywhere.

Those are probably the main updates although I could ramble all day about her progress! See you next month for her one year update!

Harriet and Alexandra x

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